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With the exception of bladder cancer, there is a statistical association between increased risk of cancer and people with blood type A. This includes colon cancer, ovarian and breast cancer, liver and pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer and brain tumors. That is not to say people of other blood types don't get cancer. It simply means that blood type A people have less defense against it.

For the scientifically minded, the reason is quite simple and very profound. It seems that cancer cells have certain type A qualities that make it almost invisible to the immune system in blood type A people. The larger the cancer grows the more invisible it becomes.

As always, in nature, there is also a simple yet profound remedy. For people with blood type A, this remedy is found in the humble soybean. According to Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo who wrote several books on the blood type diet, (some of which are discussed in our Library section) soy has a lectin that attaches to the cancer cells that look like blood type A, thus allowing the immune system to recognize them.

Lectins are very choosy molecules that cause certain cells to agglutinate or glue together so the immune system can recognize and attack them. Allergic reactions are due to agglutination caused by lectins. Lectins can work quite fast. A microscopic amount of the wrong lectin injected into the bloodstream can actually kill someone.

Tofu is the perfect food for people with blood type A who have cancer because 10% of the dry weight of a block of tofu is composed of lectins. The soy lectin agglutinates cancer cells that look like blood type A but leaves type A alone. So, in effect, eating tofu is a form of gene therapy -- but only if you happen to have blood type A or AB.

If you have cancer or are at risk for cancer, no matter what your blood type, you may want to read more about Dr. D'Adamo's work. He covers all blood types and discusses all foods and their reactions in the blood stream. His encyclopedia even covers an alphabetical list of diseases and suggested protocols for each in the area of diet, exercise and supplements.

What scientists know about cancer and other diseases is really incredible and with the dawning of gene therapy they are learning more every day. It is a truly fascinating area but don't expect your doctor to be up-to-date on all the latest research. It is simply impossible for any individual to keep up with this rapidly changing field.


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