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The 24-hour cycle of our biological clocks circadian rhythms


AM           Meridian most active during this time

1 -3:00      Liver (per John Diamond, the meridian of happiness)

3 -5:00      Lung (the meridian of humility)

5 -7:00      Large Intestine or Colon (the meridian of self-worth)

7 -9:00      Stomach ((the meridian of contentment and tranquility)

9 -11:00    Spleen/Pancreas (the meridian of confidence)

11-1PM    Heart (the meridian of forgiveness)


1 -3:00      Small Intestine (the meridian of joy)

3 -5:00      Bladder (the meridian of peace and harmony)

5 -7:00      Kidney (the meridian of sexual assuredness)

7 -9:00      Pericardium or Circulation/Sex ((the meridian of relaxation, generosity)

9-11:00    Thyroid/Thymus ((the meridian of hope)

11-1AM    Gallbladder (the meridian of adoration)

Source:  Bronwen Stimpert -- Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies


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