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When I read about the work of Dr. William Kaufman and started taking niacinamide, my overall health was dramatically transformed. I have since shared this information about niacinamide with dozens of others and everyone so far has been helped. I wanted to let other readers know just how powerful this information is.

For decades I suffered on and off with mouth ulcers or canker sores. At least every month or two I would develop these sores on my lips, on my tongue, or somewhere in my mouth. I tried lysine, red algae products, and dozens of others, and while some helped, nothing seemed to keep them from returning. Once I started the niacinamide, they stopped for good. It was like a miracle.

Now if I run across anyone with recurring mouth sores I tell them about niacinamide. I thought other readers could use the information also. At the first sign of a problem take 500 milligrams four times a day. It will not only stop the sores from forming but it will clear up an existing sore in two days. -- Matti A., Evanston, Illinois


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