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It's Really Quite Simple

H. pylori is an acid-loving bacteria. It thrives on the acid in your stomach. Therefore logic dictates that if you dilute your stomach acid, the bacteria will not be able to survive. I never heard of H pylori before getting it a few years ago soon after eating a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken in one of their not-the-cleanest-in-the-world establishments. It got progressively worse for 3 weeks until finally I could not stand up.

After being educated by my doctor about what it was, I cured a very bad case in three days simply by drinking water... lots of water. I started by drinking two 12 oz. glasses every hour for three or four hours and then went to one glass every hour for the rest of the day. As the pain subsided I lengthened the time between drinks to two hours, then three, etc. until I reached three times a day. 

I am 5'4" and weigh 135 pounds. If your stomach is larger you may need to drink more water. If your stomach is smaller, you may need less. You need as much as it takes to dilute your stomach acid and change the pH in your stomach. I also did not eat any meat or foods that need a lot of acid to digest -- since I obviously did not have enough stomach acid to digest them. I fasted the first day, ate only chicken noodle soup the next day and stuck with alkaline foods for the last day... no acidic foods such as citrus or tomato sauce that would have put the acid back in my stomach. 

Of course it goes without saying that you should never drink that much water within an hour of eating.  That means you drink the water, wait an hour, eat, wait another hour, and drink more water. Otherwise the water will dilute your stomach acid and you won't have enough acid to digest your food.  That can cause a whole other set of problems.

If I had to do it again, I would have put Mega H in my water to make it more alkaline. I think the cure would have worked faster. I also would have put some bladderwrack in the water once or twice on the first day to act like a soap. As it was, it took about three days to completely rid myself of the problem. Between Saturday morning, when I saw my doctor who advised a blood test to verify the H pylori, and the following Wednesday, when his nurse called to confirm and tell me I needed three weeks of antibiotics, I was not only completely cured but I had stopped drinking water and been eating anything I wanted for at least 36 hours.

They could not believe it. So I took another blood test on Thursday to confirm and also to educate them on the benefit of logically thinking through a problem -- and proving that drugs are not always the answer.  

This article was written in 2002 and I have never had a recurrence of H. pylori.  -- Angel  (2007)

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