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I'd like to answer this question from a biochemical viewpoint and in doing so ask one of my own...

Why are some people depressed, while others are not?  In essence, what causes depression? 

They say postpartum depression is a hormone thing, which is to say, it’s a chemical imbalance.  So is it not possible that all depression could be due to a chemical imbalance of some sort?
According to George W. Carey, author of 'The Biochemic System of Medicine' based on the work of Dr. William H. Schuessler’s Shortened Therapeutics, published in 1873, clinical depression may be caused by a deficiency in the minerals Kali Phos and Nat Mur... two tissue salts sold OTC under the name, Cell Salts.
Furthermore, a Kali Phos deficiency has been found to be the root cause of all brain and nervous system abnormalities, including but not limited to:  paralysis of any kind anywhere in the body, insanity, mania, delirium, delusion and depression.  Some cursory signs are droopy eyelids, gray oculars, itchy palms and/or soles of feet, to name a few.  
What is this mineral and why is it so important? 
Kali Phos is potassium phosphate.  It builds the brain’s GRAY MATTER and attracts everything needed to do so.  It controls the mental and nervous state.  It’s also predominant in nerve fluid.  A deficiency may cause nervous and mental disorders, paralysis and sometimes Itch with crawling sensations. 
Since it is so critical, the brain falls back on other mineral reserves.  One of the first to go is Nat Mur or sodium chloride.  The body is about 70% water.  Salt attracts water and is what makes water work in the body.  Nat Mur carries and distributes water into the cells and throughout the body including the brain.  
Some of the symptoms of a Nat Mur deficiency are large pores on the tip of the nose or anywhere on the face, shiny eyelids, salty tears, deposits on the lower eyelid upon waking, frothy saliva, etc. 
As always with Cell Salts, even one of the symptoms mentioned could indicate a deficiency.  The more signs you have, the more serious the deficiency.
A good starting dose of these inexpensive Cell Salts might be to dissolve 4 Kali Phos under the tongue in AM and 4 in PM followed an hour later by 3 Nat Mur in AM and 3 in PM, keeping them away from food or drink for at least 15 minutes - for 5 days only.  Take the weekend off to let the body rest and continue the dosage the following week if needed.
Note, if you are deficient in one Cell Salt, you are probably deficient in several.  So see a good homeopath or CNHP for your individual situation.  Don’t self-treat for more than 3 weeks.
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