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Do older adults have different nutrition needs?


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If you mean different nutritional needs compared to younger adults, the answer is: yes and no.

The  human body is the human body and, on a biochemical level, we all need  the same thing.  So chemically speaking the answer is no.  Given the  necessary raw materials, the body might live forever.

Dr. Alexis Carrell, a famous French physiologist, conducted an experiment in which he took cells from the heart of a chicken and put them in a solution containing minerals and nutrients in the same proportion as chicken blood. Every day he changed the solution keeping the fluids constant and disposing of the waste products produced by the cells. The result, for which he won a Nobel Prize, was the chicken heart lived for over 28 years. When he stopped changing the solution the cells promptly died.

So  this brings us to the second half of the answer.  As we live on our  polluted planet, eating our genetically modified, irradiated, chemically  treated food (I could go on forever about that), our bodies get clogged.  When stuff gets clogged, it doesn't work as  well as it did when new.  So an older adult is probably more clogged  than a younger adult.

(That's is an oversimplification but you get the point.)

The body still needs the same nutrients but the older adult simply can't absorb them as effectively as they did when they were younger... so they become deficient.  And the longer they live, the more deficient they become, as exemplified by signs of aging.

Even if they eat raw food, many seniors bodily reserves are so depleted that they would have to eat tons of raw just to maintain. That's where food-based supplements and juicing come in.  Also, older adults need enzymes to help digest their food, as well as on a metabolic level, because very few eat much raw due to denture issues and their bodies can no longer make enzymes.

In addition, they have endured a lifetime of deficiencies that they aren’t aware of, even though they have been staring at them in the mirror practically all their lives.  For instance, age spots and facial wrinkles around the eyes and jaw could indicate a calcium deficiency. 

Even if they recognized these deficiency signs, they wouldn't know how to correct them because they don't get that kind of advice from God... sorry, - I meant "their doctor."

So realistically, the answer is, seniors have different dietary needs (not nutritional needs) due to their frail bodily systems that are not optimally functioning, thus allowing their deficient state to spiral out of control until (like the chicken heart) they finally stop functioning.


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