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Check Your Digestion

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Complete this questionnaire to discover whether your digestive processes could be under performing.

  1. Do you swallow your food without chewing it thoroughly?

  2. Do you sometimes suffer from bad breath?

  3. Do you often get a burning sensation in your stomach?

  4. Do you often have a feeling of fullness in your stomach?

  5. Do you find it difficult to digest fatty foods?

  6. Do you regularly use indigestion tablets?

  7. Do you get intermittent or ongoing diarrhea?

  8. Do you get intermittent or ongoing constipation?

  9. Do you often get a bloated stomach?

  10. Do you often belch or pass wind?

  11. Do you often get stomach pains?

  12. Do you often feel nauseated?

  13. Do you experience anal irritation?

  14. Do you have a bowel movement less than once a day?

  15. Do your stools float?

If you answer yes to 7 or more questions there's a very good chance that your digestion needs support by changing your diet and supplement intake.

If you answer yes to between 4 and 7 questions you are beginning to show signs of digestive difficulties.

If you answer yes to fewer than four questions, you are unlikely to have a digestive problem, unless you suffer severely from only a few.


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