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Side effects from many of the most commonly prescribed medications or over the counter remedies can result in a weakening of the immune system due to lowered levels of critical nutrients.  Ignoring the warning signs is like turning off a screaming smoke detector because the sound is annoying without ever searching for the source of the smoke -- thus allowing your house to burn to the ground.


The main nutrients being depleted and their effects are:



Deficiency Effect


Reduced wound healing, with loss of smell and/or taste

Vitamin C

Lowered resistance, increased free-radical damage, slowed wound healing

Coenzyme Q10

Cardiovascular-related low energy


Reduced antioxidant protection

Vitamin E

Increased free radical damage


lowered antioxidant protection


Anemia, tiredness, low resistance, the most prevalent deficiency in the U.S.


Required for detoxification and synthesis of immune-stimulating compounds

 [ January 2002 ACCM Health Sense, Nutritional Supplement Vol VIII, Issue 1]


Which drugs cause these deficiencies?

1. Anti-inflammatories such as corticosteroids create deficits of vitamin C, zinc, selenium and B6.  

2. Aspirin and salicylates are called the single biggest cause of vitamin C deficiencies.

3. The vasodilator family of cardiovascular drugs depletes Coenzyme Q10.

4. Loop diuretics reduce vitamin C.

5. Thiazide or potassium-sparing diuretics and ace inhibitors deplete zinc.

6. Beta-blockers reduce Coenzyme Q10.

7. Cholesterol-lowering reductase-inhibitors (any of the statins) deplete Coenzyme Q10.

8. The "fibrate" group (Clofibrate or Fenofibrate) lower vitamin E and zinc.

9. Oral contraceptives diminish 10 major nutrients, including vit C, selenium, zinc, and most of the B Complex.

10. Valproic acid, a member of the anticonvulsant group, severely depletes selenium and zinc.

11. Antiviral agents also reduce zinc.

12. Psychotherapeutic medications cause B6 and Coenzyme Q10 deficiencies.

13. Drugs for gout (Colchicine) cause loss of betacarotene.

14. Levodopa for Parkinson's disease depletes SAMe

15. Corticosteroids, oral contraceptives, oral estrogens, ACE inhibitors, and diuretics deplete zinc.

Targeted supplementation during pharmaceutical treatment helps prevent and reverse deleterious effects of iatrogenic nutrient loss (i.e., drug caused), and minimizes damage to the immune system.  


Health Care That Kills

In 1998, the University of Toronto did a study and found that roughly 2,216,000 patients per year in US hospitals experienced a serious adverse drug reaction. Of these, 106,000 died each year during their hospital stay. The problem has undoubtedly gotten worse since then. Based on these figures, adverse drug reactions are now the fourth leading cause of death in the US. [JAMA 98;279(15):1200-5]

To put this in perspective, the number of people dying in US hospitals every month from adverse drug reactions would be the same as having three World Trade Center collapses each and every month. Yet there has been no outcry or demand for change from either the public or government. On the contrary, the pharmaceutical companies continue to gather more support for their efforts to increase drug consumption and are now targeting children for acne medication and pets as well.

One has to wonder what the FDA thinks would happen if more people and doctors used alternatives. Compared to a batting average like the one I just mentioned, why are they fighting so hard to keep alternatives out of the hands of the general public while at the same time restricting doctors from using them to treat their patients?



This information can be found on the Natural Solutions Foundation website

It is no secret that properly used prescription drugs rank at the very top of causes of death in the US. It’s also no secret that drugs, which work by poisoning enzyme systems, lead to side effects which are frequently treated by more drugs which lead to side effects which are frequently treated by more drugs… An untested and potentially deadly soup of drugs interacting with each other in unpredictable ways means patients getting worse, not better, or dying from their medical “care”. We all know the results and they are not pretty. It is also no secret that psychiatric drugs cause permanent changes in the brain and that they can stimulate deadly consequences in those who take them or those who are around those who take them. It is also no secret that the profits in these, and all other drugs, including chemotherapy drugs, are astonishingly high. The more we take of them, the richer the drug companies become.

Therefore, we are urged, through every possible channel, to take more and more drugs. I have speculated before in this forum, and will repeat my speculation, that the deadly consequences of these drugs, prescription and otherwise, and the vigorous propaganda war against the inexpensive, safe and effective alternative to these high cost toxins, are no accident.

There are too many smart scientists and doctors involved in drug research, and too many documented instances of industry and government colluding to suppress information about dangerous compounds which are approved for sale despite their known dangers for me to believe that this is an accidental state of affairs. Why would such dangerous drugs be allowed on our shelves and in our bodies?

Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation


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