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Healthy vision is one of our most treasured senses yet many of us take it for granted until it begins to fail. As with your overall physical health, vision health benefits from proper nutrition, regular exercise, and vitamin supplements. Whether you suffer from weak eyes, dry eyes, macular degeneration, glaucoma, or vision problems, there are a myriad of natural techniques you can use to help your eyes. I have attempted to cover some here.

Perhaps the most overlooked is the fact that much of the health of your eyes depends on the strength of the muscles of the eyes. And like all the muscles of your body, exercising your eyes can produce rapid and profound positive changes. Taking a vigorous walk for at least a half hour can temporarily reduce discomfort and pressure in the eyes.

In addition to eye exercises, there are also nutritional protocols people can use when facing the most common eye problems and diseases, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. Of course there are medical treatments for these conditions, but they are often ineffective over the long term, fraught with side effects and, to be honest, none really treat the cause of the problem.


With glaucoma, the fluid balance or drainage system to the eye is not working properly. When fluid cannot flow and drain in and out of the eye properly, the pressure in the eye can build up and cause severe damage. People with glaucoma usually have generalized fluid balance problems throughout their body. They may have high blood pressure, electrolyte and mineral imbalances, too much or too little salt, long-term thyroid therapy, etc. Often they are on two or more prescriptions. And commonly blood pressure drugs or diuretics are being used long-term.


In order to help correct the fluid balance in the eye, the entire body must be treated, with emphasis on the eye. Proper diet, physical exercise that also includes eye exercises, the right nutritional supplements, and the correction of underlying circulatory, kidney, or liver problems is a must.


According to Dr. Bruce West of Health Alert, "When one is on a healthy protocol that is normalizing these systems, two simple additional supplements are often dramatically effective in normalizing fluid balance and pressure in the eyes. These products are A-C Carbamide and Iplex, produced by Standard Process Labs." (All of the products he recommends are from Standard Process Labs.) 


While many people think eye drop drugs are innocuous, they carry a long list of side effects. They can affect the heart and they are irritating to the eye itself. It is not unusual for eye-drop patients to develop chronic eyelid inflammation for which yet another prescription is needed. Normalizing eye pressure and eliminating the need for these drops is a major benefit to your overall health.


Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration (MD) is a deteriorating condition of old age that inevitably leads to severe vision problems, bleeding in the eyes, and blindness. It usually reflects long-term poor diet and health and there is little medical help available. 


MD resists most treatment but recently Dr. Merrill Allen, University of Indiana School of Optometry, has been treating patients for the dry form of macular degeneration using a combination of nutritional supplements and a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) device.  A TENS device delivers a specific electrical current to an area of the body and has been used for years to help stop lower back pain.  Dr. Allen has seen a dramatic improvement in his patients that some call miraculous. He believes that the treatment both improves blood flow to the eye and appears to trigger re-growth of the retina and photoreceptors in the eye. 


In recent years it has become evident that those people with the most pigment in their eyes seem to have the least occurrences of MD. Since eye pigments are related to pigmented plant chemicals (phytochemicals), this finding led to research to determine if increased amounts of phytochemicals might prevent macular degeneration.


It was surmised after some study that the phytochemicals lutein and zeaxanthin, found in brightly colored vegetables and fruits, were the main factors involved in your body's attempts to prevent MD. However, after several products were produced containing these phytochemicals isolated from source materials, the results were dismal. Some of the lutein was isolated from plants that are inedible for humans, like marigolds.


These poor results caused a dampening of some research, the dropping of some products, and the continued sales of products of dubious value for sufferers of MD. Then came some new research on another plant chemical called sulfurophane, which is found in the same plants that contain lutein and zeaxanthin. It turns out that sulfurophane is a potent detoxifier in the body. When cancer was induced in rats, those fed sulfurophane in its natural plant state showed a 95% elimination of the cancer while the others simply died. When the sulfurophane was isolated from its plant material, the cancer and toxin elimination dropped to less than 10%!


The poor result of the isolated sulfurophane was powerful and damning news for most nutritional supplement manufacturers. Because simply stated, two possibilities were present. The single phytochemical surmised to be the potent factor may not have been. Or, more likely, when the potent factor is isolated from its natural substrate of plant or animal materials, it is rendered almost useless in the human body.


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