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This article is a layperson's attempt to attract a courageous investigative writer/reporter to research this topic and do a much better job than I in exposing the serious harm being done by one of the most powerful agencies in existence... the FDA.


The FDA is one of the most, if not the most, powerful regulatory agency in America.  Most other agencies have a series of checks and balances that help tame the power hunger that always develops within government structures.  Even the IRS, the second most powerful regulatory body, has an appeals process.  Other regulatory bodies such as the FTC, EPA, SEC, DEA, FBI, INS, ATF, and CIA are accountable to the President or indirectly to the public.


The FDA is the only agency that can search and seize without a warrant, subdue free speech, dictate what citizens can buy and what businesses can sell, levy fines at will, incarcerate without due process, indirectly make laws concerning the health and welfare of taxpayers without a vote, and put entire companies out of business almost before they start.  How did we let this happen?


Within the past two decades the FDA has carried it's insatiable appetite for power to absurd levels... even to the point of total disregard of our first amendment rights.  The FDA has even banned certain natural substances from sale in the USA.  By restricting consumer rights to buy foreign health products and by forbidding supplement and food manufacturers from making any health claims on their labels or marketing materials, the FDA has effectively banned educational information in the place where it is needed most (at point of sale) and doomed US citizens right back to the Dark Ages.  


With all due respect, why do we take supplements?  Usually for some sort of health benefit.  That is the main purpose of supplements.  When we buy something in a store, we expect to be told everything about the product we are buying.  It's called full disclosure.  But if a supplement manufacturer gives full disclosure and states that a particular product may benefit a specific disease, even if proprietary research is offered as proof, that product is considered a drug and immediately pulled off the market.  Whether or not the claims are accurate is irrelevant.  According to the FDA, only drug companies can make claims about helping to cure or control disease.  They have used that argument to remove many good natural products from our reach... products that really worked but are no longer available to help consumers because of an arbitrary rule created by an organization that was founded for a totally different purpose.


A product that I used to cure my first cancer diagnosis met with such a demise.  The product at that time was MGN3.  People had used it for years to triple the strength of their immune system to help the body fight cancer.  It offered no harmful side effects.  The FDA never refuted the claims that it worked.   It simply forbade the company to sell or advertise it pending drug approval which resulted in the product being permanently removed from the market.  They did the same thing with a product called Skin Answer that I used to remove a small melanoma within two weeks.  The reason given was that if it worked as stated then it was a drug.  Therefore it must be removed from the market until it went through the FDA drug approval process.  This is how they twist the rules they invent.  They are lawyer smart and have used that knowledge to go on the offensive in removing and blocking life-saving products from the market instead of defending us from harmful substances, which was the original intent of  the FDA.


Let's think about this logically.  The FDA creates legalese.  There is no representation by the people, for the people, etc.  In this case they wrote a loose definition for the word "drug" that can be broadly applied to almost any substance that is used to cure or help in the cure of a disease.  Then they appoint themselves Gestapo to remove these so called natural  "drugs" from the market until the makers spend millions on the FDA drug approval process.  Now they don't do this with all substances.  They know very well what works and what doesn't. They leave the stuff that doesn't work alone and destroy the stuff that works.  They destroy the real competition.  In short, the FDA is the strong arm for the drug companies.  This is a blatant misuse of authority that everyone seems to ignore.  Lifesaving information and products are being withheld daily from those who need it most.   Apparently that's OK with us?


The FDA was originally formed to protect the public from unscrupulous drug manufacturers who could kill or maim thousands of people with untested drugs and to prevent contaminated foods, etc. from reaching consumers.  Today they have twisted and expanded that roll and appointed themselves as supervisor, judge, jury, and executioner for anyone and anything that makes a claim to benefit health.  They don't even do a good job of inspecting the food supply as evidenced by the multiple cases of recent food recalls.  If they transferred the time, money and effort that they are dedicating to removing harmless natural substances from the market, into increasing inspections of the food supply, America would be a much safer and healthier place to live.


In addition, the FDA has on several occasions flagrantly disregarded its own rules by approving drugs against the recommendation of its own panel of doctors.  Why would a government agency do that?  Who benefits from such an act?  How much longer are we going to tolerate it?


More Questions

Why is there no fine against the FDA for approving drugs against the recommendation of their panel of doctors?

Since when are we incapable of making decisions concerning our own well being where natural substances are concerned?  

When did we give up our right to choose?  

Why are health related businesses treated differently from other businesses that are allowed to fully state what their product does and does not do?  

Why is our right to free speech constantly being violated?  

Why is it a crime for an individual to buy certain natural substances from overseas?  

Why are individuals forced to go abroad to acquire natural cures forbidden here? 

Who appointed the FDA God?  

Do we really want such a regulatory body controlling our lives?


The FDAs favorite tool to use against Big Pharma is multi million dollar fines.  But even a hundred million dollar fine is nothing compared to the billions made by a harmful drug during the few years it's on the market.  I propose that we enact a law that drug companies should be required to give up ALL of the profit made on a harmful drug, in addition to dealing with resulting law suits.  Just think how those billions might be used to lower our taxes or save the social security system.  After all, isn't the idea to punish a deliberate harmful act and prevent it from happening again?  Where is the punishment in million dollar fines when a company is making billions?  Instead of preventing these acts of horror, the FDA is actually promoting them by using a slap on the wrist instead of real pain.


What you are reading here is no secret.  Everyone knows the FDA is the most corrupt agency in America.  Everyone knows about the ties between Big Pharma and the FDA but no one has the courage to do anything about it.  Why?  It's simply a matter of money.  


Follow the Money and Find the Power

The main avenue for dissemination of information in the United States is through the media.  However, Big Pharma is the largest advertiser in all areas of the media.  What business would be willing to offend it's largest customer and risk losing all those advertising dollars?  Especially when along with those advertising dollars comes enormous power... with tentacles reaching far into the US government -- the same government that unsuspecting citizens think is there for their protection.  Well, think again.  The only thing the government is protecting is itself.  Have you ever dealt with a government agency... any government agency?  If so, I rest my case.


As far as Big Pharma and the FDA are concerned, medicine is big business with trillions at stake.  They certainly are not going to let a cheap natural supplement interfere with that, no matter how well it works.  The FDA is doing far more harm than good in its false attempts to "protect us" apparently from ourselves.


How many people have suffered or died as a result of ignorance because they were blocked from getting the information they so desperately needed?  How many perfectly good natural cures have been blocked because of politics between the FDA and Big Pharma?  One such potential treatment that was blocked was researched by Dupont.  Dupont scientists developed tiny fibers that could be impregnated with a slow-releasing drug and then injected around a tumor.  The drug would then be targeted to the area being treated to lessen the side effects of whole body treatments.  What else have they thrown by the wayside?


Why can't we see that this is the biggest scam since the book burning of the Dark Ages perpetrated by the rich pharmaceutical companies in partnership with the FDA?  The money and the power is mind boggling!  And the fact that this lethal duo picks our pockets and spends our tax dollars to feed its own growth and power in order to control our freedom and well-being goes completely unopposed is unbelievable.  How can we be so blind...  or is it naivety...  or just plain apathy?


I could continue writing a book on this subject but prefer to take a stab at outlining a possible solution to the problem.  Please bear in mind that I propose only an outline with some rough ideas that would need to be fleshed out.  I would be happy to work on such a plan in more detail if there is an interest in pursuing it.


The basis for my solution below is to resurrect the entrepreneurial spirit that this country was built upon.  Our founding fathers knew that the bigger government grows the more control it has over our lives.  The more power a government usurps the closer it grows to tyranny.  They also knew that honest business is what their world was built upon and the only path to real freedom and true happiness.  


I am also very aware that the super-bug era is upon us.  We can no longer develop antibiotics fast enough to control the new killer strains of bacteria now prevalent in our hospitals.  The only solution to this problem is to explore a different path.  Let the age of technology take medicine out of the dark ages.  Blow the doors off of this invisible FDA prison that enslaves us and let the scientists go to work and find cures for these dreaded diseases.  


One Possible Solution

Dismantle the FDA and sell off all its assets.  Take most of the money earned from the sale and the money budgeted for the FDA and put it into the soon-to-be bankrupt Social Security Fund where it is desperately needed.  Then invite businesses to take over the inspection of food and drugs.  These businesses compete with each other to keep prices in check.  Quality control records are kept and made public.  The business whose product is being inspected, pays for such inspections.  It would work something like this:


Step 1:  The president appoints a research scientist with no political ties or connections as "Drug Czar."  The Czar has one secretary or assistant and is completely independent of the political arena.  These two people replace the FDA and are paid for by the dismantling of the FDA.  A new President may or may not appoint a new Czar.  If a new Czar is appointed, all materials and files are transferred to the new Czar.


Step 2:  The first thing the Czar does is invite researchers and research facilities to put their names on a list to test drugs for possibility of harm to the general public and confirm whether or not the product works.  There is no fee to be on this list.  Strict guidelines are set.  Researchers cannot speak to the media concerning these projects until the Drug Czar gives final approval.  Once the application is filed and terms agreed to by the applicant, drug companies must choose from this list to have their drug independently tested.  If the product is not considered harmful and research proves that it works, then it is free to move on to the next step... the Drug Panel.


In the case of supplements, certain substances are grand fathered, such as vitamins, herbs and foods.  The only testing required is to certify that the product does in fact contain the substances in the amounts stated on the label.  Natural substances would not have to prove effectiveness.  Therefore, any natural supplements that were removed from the market by the FDA pending drug approval would automatically be approved for sale once more.


Step 3:  The second thing the Czar does is invite doctors, researchers and alternative professionals to put their names on a categorized list to volunteer their time to scrutinize drugs for final approval.  There is no cost to be on this list.  It is a huge list of qualified people all over the world.  Each person is only called once every 10 years or so using a random selection method or handpicked by the Czar.  Upon selection, the volunteer must submit their qualifications for final approval by the Czar.  


The list works like a voluntary jury but with only five or so people being called (more if the Czar dictates) each with a different specialty.  This drug panel completes their task in their own environment using teleconferencing if and when necessary.  No drug is approved without the consent of the drug panel.  The identity of the drug panel is kept confidential to deter any impropriety.  They are known only to themselves and the Drug Czar.  All communication between the drug company and the panel must go through the Czar.  There is no communication between the panel and the research facility that tested the drug.


The drug panel constitutes the final step in the approval process.  They ask for anything they feel they need to make a good decision (including more testing or more research) with the primary focus on protection of the people from harmful side effects.  They may also require specific labeling information.  They must give a letter ruling as to whether or not they think the product works and this letter ruling must be posted on the internet for easy access by the general public.  It must be written in layman's language and each drug must be categorized and ranked for effectiveness and known side effects.  When new side-effects are discovered, this letter should be updated by the Czar.  


The drug panel cannot prevent a product from going to market if it doesn't work.  That is for the people, doctors and the marketplace to decide.  If the product doesn't work, it soon dies a natural death.  If it works, it catches on like wildfire across the globe.  Only if it has the potential to do harm should it be blocked.  The harm mentioned here must not be from abuse of the product but from recommended use as any drug, food or supplement can cause harm if abused.


Step 4The third thing the Czar does in relation to food is draft a set of guidelines for how many inspections must take place per x volume of food imported or produced.  The cost of inspecting the food is paid for by the businesses and passed to the consumers who use the product.  


Step 5The fourth thing the Czar does in relation to food is invite businesses to put their name on a list to inspect the food supply.  There is a significant fee to apply for this list as each company is then checked out by the Czar for competency and given the appropriate guidelines to abide by.  Once approved, they must pay a lesser annual fee to stay on the list.  This would work similarly to a business license.  The fees generated would go toward paying for the office of the Drug Czar.


If an inspecting company misses a tainted food source that it should have caught, then it's license is revoked until they pay a fine determined by the end result of their omission.  Two omissions within a three year period removes the inspecting company from the list for a year.  The importer and/or food provider also pays a fine.


This money is made available to those who were harmed by the tainted food to pay medical expenses and money lost due to missed work time.  In order to access these funds, those who are harmed must waive their right to sue.  This should keep costs down and prevent a small few from benefiting from a tragedy at a cost to society.  If the omission results in multiple deaths, then the market takes care of putting the financially crippled companies out of business as harmed citizens would elect to sue.  Only the honest and the strong survive.


In short, what this plan proposes is to put the regulatory environment back where it belongs, on the defense... protecting people -- not on the offense... usurping more and more power through more and more rules and regulations.  We need the government to shrink, not to expand.  We need government to guide business to keep it honest but we don't need it in our daily lives, dictating what is right and wrong for us.  Like a child seeking independence from a parent, set some rules and allow us to go it alone.  We have to grow up sometime.  We're not stupid.


We as a nation are being seduced back into slavery all under the guise of the public good.  We are getting too used to waiting to be told what to do, waiting for the next handout, following the path of least resistance.  I propose we dig deep inside ourselves and pull out the pioneer spirit within that founded this great country.


If we looked at the entire government through defensive eyes instead of offensive eyes, the resulting improvements should most definitely shrink the government, lower taxes and lower the cost of goods sold making life much more affordable here in the good old USA.  Think about that for a moment.  


Right now we have an expanding government, growing like a fungus, smothering the economy, individuals and business.  Costs are skyrocketing in part due to expanding legislation and our regulatory environment making us uncompetitive in world markets.  Our government and politicians seem to use regulations to justify theirs existence.  


If we dismantled just one government agency, the FDA, the cost of drugs would decrease significantly over time making them much more affordable to seniors and low income families.  This means that the cost of prescription insurance would also decrease, which means that seniors would receive more money in their Social Security checks because less would be deducted. This would make their money go farther and the Social Security Fund last longer.  And since the government would be smaller, taxes should also decrease or at least not rise as fast.  


In addition, businesses would once again become motivated to solve the problems of the world.  We could see a new biotech era much like the computer technology revolution that shrank the world to a desktop in under a decade.  Cures for all the new diseases that have been accumulating would burst forth without inhibition from the bureaucracy.  The populous may start to think for themselves and act accordingly.  Our pioneer spirit revived, we may once again become the land of the free and home of the brave.




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