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Can Fibromyalgia be healed holistically?


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Please refer to my comment on the Root Cause of All Disease, taking care to follow the link, What Causes Illness?  Another answer that may be helpful is, Do older adults have different nutrition needs

Specifically Fibromyalgia is a serious symptom of a Ferrum Phos and Kali Phos deficiency.  These are two cell salts, see How to Detect Mineral Deficiencies.

Ferrum Phos is responsible for the movement of oxygen throughout the system.  If the body doesn't get enough oxygen, it starts to deteriorate. This causes problem everywhere.  A deficiency will usually result in the First stage of any disease.

Kali Phos is needed to manufacture the gray matter in our brain and is predominant in nerve fluid.  It is needed in all brain and nervous system abnormalities.  Acute deficiency may result in paralysis (full or partial) anywhere in the body.

These are oversimplified explanations but enough to allow you to research this topic if you have Fibromyalgia.


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