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A Tragic Event Caused by Antibiotics

Many people, for various reasons, can not take antibiotics.  Unfortunately, I am one of these people.  They either cause yeast infections upon termination of the treatment or they simply do not offer a permanent solution, causing a rebound where the original problem comes back even more severe, necessitating stronger and stronger antibiotics for longer periods of time.  This is exactly what happened to one of my clients.

He contracted a blood infection so his doctor prescribed an antibiotic treatment which seemed to work.  However the infection came back stronger so his doctor put him on a stronger antibiotic for a longer period of time.   Sound familiar?   He had just finished this second antibiotic when he and his wife happened to come into my office on another matter.  We invariably chatted a little about his condition and it was all I could do to restrain my horror at what had happened.   I knew he was on dangerous ground.   I just didn't know how dangerous.

I told him about my experience with the ultraviolet light treatment that purifies the blood called Photoluminescence or (UBI).  A week later his wife called for the name and number of the doctor.  I gave her the information and called the doctor's office to get them to agree to do it all in one meeting since it was a 2 and a half hour drive.  They agreed to break from their normal two meeting routine and booked him an appointment that same week.

Two days later and two hours into his trip, he got lost and stopped to ask for directions.  Upon getting back into his car, his knee went out.  It got progressively worse the rest of the day.  Since it happened so suddenly, no one thought it was an infection --but it was.  It was a candidiasis infection in his knee joint.  An extremely rare condition.  His wife told me that there had been only 40 cases in existence of this particular problem. 

The UBI treatment worked to get the blood infection under control, but after two weeks of testing to find out what the other problem was, they decided that it was caused by the second antibiotic.  His treatment was to remove the knee joint, wait six to eight weeks for the infection to totally clear and replace with an artificial knee.  They put a temporary spacer in the leg.  He can not move the knee at all or put any pressure on the leg.  He is bedridden and in extreme pain all the time.  I don't know how this will play out but he is definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

Common Sense Medicine

I recently received a third degree burn which took all the skin and some of the muscle off a one inch section of my finger.  It was really raw.  I washed it and disinfected it with liquid oxygen and all was fine for two days.  But the band aid slid off center during the third night and allowed infection to set in on that side.  Over the course of the next 48 hours, my finger on the infected side of the wound swelled to almost twice its usual size.  Although the skin on that side of the cut was red, the finger was not.  It was just swollen and getting worse by the minute as it moved down my finger toward my hand.

I figured the infection was deep inside the finger and a topical treatment would not work.  I knew if I called my doctor he would want to see it and then he would prescribe an antibiotic.   Since I was not thrilled about either missing work to see him or taking the drug, I decided to take the next 24 hours and try to treat it myself.  However, not having been in this situation before, all I had was my common sense.

I knew that salt water was good for keeping wounds clean.  I also knew that cleaning was not enough.  I needed something to kill the bacteria deep inside my finger.  I knew that the most powerful natural antibiotic is garlic and that grapefruit seed extract kills bacteria on contact.  But how could I get these substances deep inside the finger to work at the cellular level?

At first I thought of DMSO.   That would probably work but it would also probably hurt and I don't like the smell or the garlic taste in my mouth after using it.   Then I thought of Mega H and it's mechanism of action.   It can pass right through the cell wall and carry nutrients with it.   It can also change the pH of the cells to create a bioterrain that is inhospitable to bacteria... definitely worth a try.

I filled a bowl half way with very hot water and mixed in some sea salt, Mega H, garlic, and grapefruit seed extract.   I then soaked my hand in the solution for a half hour.  Voila!  The next day the swelling had subsided significantly.  I did the same the next evening and by the following day my finger was back to normal.  No losing time from work and no antibiotics.    

I would be curious to know if any combination of these ingredients works for anyone else.   So if you try something like this, please let me know how successful it is for you.  I would imagine that it may have worked just as well using only garlic and water but I don't know how it would have penetrated without the Mega H.

The reason I chose hot water instead of cold is because that is what the body does.  It increases the temperature at the site of infection because bacteria need a certain temperature to survive and they cannot stand the heat for too long.  Cold may work well for inflammation from other causes but it would simply put bacteria into hibernation.  But by the time I finished mixing the ingredients and settling in with my hand, the water was pleasantly warm.

By the way, I used 4 squirts of the spray garlic from Omaha Steaks, one scoop of powdered Mega H (about 2 capsules), three drops of grapefruit seed extract and some sea salt in about 3 cups of water.  I had planned on doing this twice a day, morning and evening but my schedule did not allow morning.  So I left the bowl on the bathroom sink and the next morning just dipped my hand in for about 10 seconds after washing.

So if you are like me and either cannot or hate to take antibiotics. Try common sense.  It just might work.   -- Angel


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