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The FDA recently approved an inhalant drug to treat the flu. This new drug, called Relenza, is said to reduce the duration of flu symptoms by "up to 36 hours" but Dr. Sidney Wolfe of the Public Citizen Health Research Group says, "the benefits are close to zero" and the "drug never should have been approved."

He may be right. An FDA advisory panel voted 13-4 against recommending approval of Relenza, requesting more studies, particularly among the elderly. For some reason this vote was ignored. In U.S. studies, patients using the drug said their symptoms went away about a day earlier than those on placebos but apparently these findings were based on the self-reporting of people involved in the clinical trials and were not proven by laboratory tests. In addition, the drug was not proven effective in preventing the flu.

According to Dr. William Campbell Douglass, author of the popular health newsletter Real Health, Relenza is "so dangerous that asthmatics are warned to have bronchodilator medication at hand when using the drug in case they go into a bronchial spasm."

1. He says there is only one drug available by prescription that "will prevent or abort the flu... that most doctors don't prescribe... It's called Amantadine." Apparently he has used amantadine for 25 years without a serious reaction, although he states "minor side effects can occur." His recommended dosage is a 100 mg tablet twice a day.

2. He also suggests an over-the-counter nasal spray called Afrin (oxymetazoline) to help you sleep when you have the flu but cautions against using it during the day because "you can become dependent on it if you use it habitually."

3. Photoluminescence is by far the most effective flu treatment of all but it's very difficult to find a doctor to administer it. Angel had this treatment done once for the beginning stages of the flu and by the time she left the doctors office, the flu was gone. For more information on this ultraviolet light treatment, see Dr. Campbell Douglass's book Into The Light, (770) 399-5617. There is a list of doctors who perform this therapy in the back of the book and also in the Physician Reference List on this site.

4. There is also a dietary supplement called ImmPower that is great in improving overall immunity and preventing or shortening the duration of the flu.  It dramatically increases the activity of the T-cells and B-cells that help mobilize your body's defenses against attack. Visit the Product Guide for where to find ImmPower.

5. Better than a flu shot is selenium. Selenium is a necessary mineral for the production of antioxidants within the body. New animal research from the University of North Carolina has found that a dietary deficiency of selenium may cause a harmless strain of the flu virus to mutate into a virulent pathogen.

When selenium-deficient mice were given a known flu virus and compared to mice with normal selenium levels, researchers found that the selenium-deficient animals experienced far more serious symptoms, such as lung damage. Based on this new research, other researchers are wondering if the more potent viruses, such as HIV, also mutated in environments where there were selenium deficiencies. It makes sense when you consider the well-known fact that most of the worldwide flu outbreaks originate in China, where large segments of the population are selenium-deficient.

6. There is also a black elderberry extract made by Nature's Way called Sambucol that many swear by but Angel found she was allergic to it. It comes in a sweet tasting liquid and pill form.

There is another elderberry formula marketed by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, author or Eat Right 4 Your Type. It's called Proberry Caps. Basically it's an elderberry complex with larch arabinogalactan (ARA6), black cherry concentrate, rose hips and lemon bioflavonoids. Dr. D'Adamo says the use of pigmented fruits and vegetables can be a valuable method of enhancing systemic detoxification and it's supposedly compatible with all blood types.

7. Lastly we must mention Echinacia and Goldenseal which work well together and are usually combined in the same pill or extract. You must be careful not to take it for an extended period because once your body gets used to it, it loses its effect and if you take too much you can break out in a rash. According to Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, author of Eat Right 4 Your Type, Echinacia and Goldenseal should not be taken by people with Blood Type O.


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