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It has been discovered through follow-up examinations on LASIK patients that 58% fail the contrast sensitivity test for night driving. Also a study by the U.K. Transportation Research Laboratory found that 80% couldn't see a traffic sign at 55 meters, and 40% couldn't see the sign at 15 meters (roughly four car lengths).

It seems the laser's energy disrupts small fibers in the eye, causing permanent damage that is irreversible and cannot be corrected with glasses.  Many ophthalmologists feel that LASIK surgery is on its way out due to the procedure's permanent damage to night vision. Since they are constantly researching new technologies, it is felt that implants or other forms of correction will become the preferred treatment in the future.

There is a viable alternative to LASIK called Precision Corneal Mold (PCM) or Eccentricity Zero Molding (EZM) or orthokeratology that does not damage the eye.



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