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Angel's Ratings

10 = Excellent 
  8 = Very Good 
  6 = Good (OK for general information but may contain some inaccuracies)
  4 = Fair (Might make a good gift for someone you don't like)
  2 = Poor (Don't even consider it)
  1 = Terrible (Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy)


Also known as "The Bible of Alternative Medicine" this book is an absolute must. It is a resource book for both patients and health-care providers alike. In it, 380 leading physicians explain their treatments. It contains information on how to reverse over 200 health problems offering the benefits of dozens of medical books with interactive cross-referenced text. You will enjoy reading about real life patient success stories and hundreds of self-help tips while 50 alternative therapies are explained in detail. Available in bookstores and also on line.

Angel's Opinion: This is the most comprehensive and authoritative work of its kind... a great all-purpose reference book. If I had to choose just one book in my entire library and discard the rest, this is the one I consider most essential.

This book tells how to reverse cancer using clinically proven complementary and alternative therapies. It specifically discusses Lung, Breast, Prostate, Colon, Bone, Lymphoma, Skin and Uterine Cancer. It tells the truth about chemotherapy and how to overcome its toxic effects while discussing how to prevent cancer if you are predisposed to this deadly disease. Available in bookstores and also on line.

Angel's Opinion: If I had cancer, this is the only book I'd buy. Each of the first 23 chapters is dedicated to a different doctor's protocol. By comparing protocols you can clearly see patterns in what works for the patients of these doctors. But that's not why I bought the book. The next 11 chapters clearly explain what exactly cancer is, what causes it and how cancer politics have kept you in the dark regarding successful alternative treatments. It talks about nutrition and botanicals as cancer medicines. It discusses approaches to immune stimulation and enhancing whole-body metabolism for treating cancer. It lists physical and energy support therapies for reversing cancer and contains a complete guide to innovative anti-cancer substances and therapies. If your Oncologist hasn't read this book -- find one who has or contact one of the 23 doctors listed. This information is too important to overlook.


This book “challenges politically correct nutrition and the diet dictocrats” by exposing the flaws in the USDA Food Pyramid and the truth about cholesterol, synthetic vitamins and so-called healthy foods, such as margarine, artificial sweeteners, salad oils, etc.  It brings to the forefront of healthy nutrition things like organic butter, eggs, animal meats, healthy fats, vegetables and sea salt.  It is not only chock full of delicious recipes but each chapter contains excellent information about the vitamin and mineral content of each food along with its health benefit and stories and anecdotes about how it was used in the past and why there is a right and wrong way to use and cook these foods.  In addition, the sidebars contain current event tidbits on the use of these foods throughout the world, including government statistics on health, longevity, dental decay, and disease.  It is full of multi-national studies proving that the American Diet is not only detrimental to Americans but also to the societies that it has inadvertently touched.  It offers the cook healthy solutions for dealing with modern food choices.

Angel's Opinion: Based on the findings of Weston A. Price, DDS, this is the best cookbook I own.  It answers every question I ever had about the nutritional value of any food or food substance, vitamin or mineral, including superfoods.  There is a guide to natural sweeteners, a special section on feeding babies, diet tips for pregnant women including a discussion on how oral contraceptives should be avoided for six months prior to conception because they deplete many nutrients, particularly zinc, the "intelligence mineral."  My guess is that the common sense facts throughout this book will blow your mind as they did mine.

EAT RIGHT 4 YOUR TYPE: The Individualized Diet Solution  by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo    10
This book traces our ancestral bloodlines back to the Neanderthal in 50,000 BC and shows how, through DNA testing, we have unraveled some of the mysteries surrounding good health and the origin of disease. It examines how blood type determines our susceptibility to illness and discusses how different foods react in the various blood groups. Ways to avoid many troubling health problems are outlined in the four diets for the four blood groups mentioned. It is a very interesting book that answers many questions concerning allergy, weight gain, specific diseases, food intolerances, vitamin and herbal supplementation, and why a diet that works so well for one person, does not work at all for another. Available in bookstores and also on line.

Angel's Opinion: This book, based on scientific evidence, is extremely educational and very well written. A must for all cooks, moms, and anyone with a health condition. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  Click here for an article on The Link between Cancer and Blood Type.

EAT RIGHT 4 YOUR TYPE: Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia  by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo    10
The A-Z Reference Guide for the Blood Type Connection to Symptoms, Diseases, Conditions, Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs and Foods". This book consists of three parts. Part One consists of four chapters explaining blood group science. Part Two contains an index of medical conditions, complete with a general description of each, symptoms, risk factors, causes, therapies, references and related topics.  Part Three is a listing of blood group protocols that fall into three categories: Medical & Health, Food Base, and Supplement Base. Available in bookstores and also on line.

Angel's Opinion: This book is well organized and easy to understand. I believe this is due to the story telling ability of Dr. D'Adamo who paints vivid word pictures to help demystify this very complicated subject. It's a handy reference tool and an absolute must for anyone with a health condition. Click to view an excerpt from the Blood Type Encyclopedia.

Written in 1939 with its 15th printing in 2003, this well documented and meticulously researched book was way ahead of its time.  Dr. Price, a dental surgeon, traveled the globe in search of primitive societies to try and find out why these peoples had near perfect teeth, bone structure and health with little or no dental caries, disease or crime in spite of having no knowledge of oral hygiene, no hospitals, and no jails. He photographed these primitives before and after being touched by modern civilization and discovered that the greater the percentage of modern food they consumed, the greater the percentage of not only tooth decay they experienced but also degenerative disease and moral degeneration as well.  He documented in detail through photographs and statistical research that when teeth are decaying, other things are going wrong in the body.  For example, he noticed that childbirth among the primitives was virtually effortless, occurring in under an hour +/- with practically no labor.  Once they began eating the modern foods of white flour, sugar, vegetable fats, canned goods, and polished rice, pregnancy became more difficult.  Long hard labors became an issue, and in the span of just one generation, deformities began to manifest.  So great was the curse of the white mans food on these primitives that entire societies headed toward extinction in just two to three generations.  


Dr. Price's findings led him to careful analysis of the primitive food supply, which he found rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly in a substance he could not identify -- the "X" factor.  He regularly collected samples of these "X" factor foods for testing from the places where he had traveled.  He treated his most difficult patients with some of these samples and witnessed astonishing recoveries, some detailed in this book.  Since every conclusion brought with it more questions, he collaborated with other scientists from around the globe to find out how present and past research fit his findings.  Several studies referenced in this book had been done on heredity, environment and vitamin deficiencies resulting in various hypothetical conclusions.  As it turned out, his research provided the vital link that tied all the other studies together. Proof of the hypothesis, "We are what we eat."  Under More Story Links, click Nutrition and Physical Degeneration to view a more detailed report complete with photos.

Angel's Opinion:  In this book Dr. Weston A. Price dedicates one chapter to each of the 14 primitive societies he studied.  Many of these primitives are no longer in existence today.  The remaining 15 chapters delve into the reasoning behind his various conclusions and other additional scientific research that had been done.  He includes 154 photographic illustrations, many of which contain at least 4 pictures mostly of primitives before and after being exposed to the foods of commerce.  Even the skeptic will find these pictures amazing.  In these primitive groups, the loss of dental health and loss of immunity occurred promptly after the change in nutrition was established and existed only during the period of the change.  Immunity was reestablished with the return to the original nutrition of the tribe.  Through his research and photographs, Dr. Price provides a glimpse of the dental tragedy that ushered in the disappearance of many of these primitive peoples.  The 14 chapters on the individual societies are a difficult read but the rest of the book goes relatively smoothly and is well worth the effort.

What I find most interesting is, if this information was known in 1939, why have we not done something about it?  This book emphasizes the need to pay more attention to the quality of our food supply, yet we still tend to substitute synthetic products for Natures foods... especially vitamins.  Dr. Price proved that "in proportion as man has learned to modify Natures foods, he has degenerated...  Life in all its fullness is Mother Nature obeyed.

WHOLE-BODY DENTISTRY by Mark A. Breiner, D.D.S.   10

This book, given to me by my dentist, introduces a whole new approach to dentistry --viewing the mouth as an indicator of overall health and a link to illnesses in other parts of the body. It discusses the physical and energetic relationship between your mouth and body and how dental procedures such as root canals and amalgam fillings can affect your physiological systems – including the immune, cardiovascular, and neurological systems.  A must read for anyone who has health problems that have not found relief through traditional or non-traditional treatments.

Angel's Opinion:  Because I was diagnosed with mercury toxicity, I was extremely interested in the procedure of removing mercury fillings without causing more toxicity.  This book does an excellent job of explaining exactly how the process should evolve and why.  I also found my dentist's overview of my x-rays fascinating as he pointed out phantom teeth that had been removed in childhood but the body was holding their energy signatures as if they were still there. He called these areas "cavitations" and directed me to the appropriate section of the book discussing this phenomenon. Here are five pages from Chapter Two that I feel explain the philosophy behind this new "physiological approach" to dentistry.

ROOT CANAL COVER-UP  by Dr. George Meinig   

Mark A. Breiner, DDS, mentions this book as a good read in his book, Whole Body Dentistry, above. He reports that this book extensively covers the problems associated with multiple metals in the mouth as well as astounding research detailing problems with bacterial infections and energy blockages resulting from root canals. Dr. Weston Price's research is discussed in detail along with Dr. Percey Howe and Dr. Reinhold Voll.

>Angel's Opinion: I have not read this book so I can not offer judgment but, if I were considering root canal surgery, I would want to know all possible side effects or consequences. This book offers extensive research into this area and is certainly worth a look. 


INTO THE LIGHT  by Dr. William Campbell Douglass, MD    10
Ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI), also known as Photoluminescence, was studied at Hahnemann Hospital in the 1940s and is now used in Europe, Russia and America. This book explains what it is and how it works to kill viruses in just a few days, even antibiotic resistant strains--although they may take two or three treatments. When used with photo-oxidation it can bathe the heart and internal organs in oxygen with virtually no side effects thus strengthening the entire immune system and allowing the body to heal itself. This life-saving treatment has saved hundreds from near death. There is a list of practitioners in the back of the book. Available from Second Opinion Publishing: 800-728-2288.

Angel's Opinion: I had UBI done once for the flu. Since my full-time job is very demanding and takes clear concentration, I couldn't afford to be out sick. So I drove 2.5 hours to the closest practitioner getting worse by the minute. I knew I would be a basket case by the end of the day and brought a friend just in case I couldn't drive myself home. The procedure took about 1/2 hour. Within 20 minutes my sore throat was gone.  By the time I left the office my headache was gone. By the next day I had no signs of a temperature and was back to normal. I would seek out this treatment for any illness that could possibly be caused by a virus or bacteria. I know of no other books that cover this subject in such detail.

  by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad DC, LAc, RN, PhD    10

This book discusses every aspect of allergy from A to Z and details an acupuncture technique called NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique) that completely eliminates allergies in a surprisingly short period of time. This technique was discovered by Dr. Nambudripad who has filled the book with many case histories of all kinds of diseases stemming from allergy that were cured using this simple and safe technique. She also discusses how allergies impact the various bodily systems such as respiratory, digestive, circulatory, and genito-urinary as well as the joints and skin. Available in bookstores and also on line.

Angel's Opinion: This is the best book I have ever read on allergy. It is a must read for anyone who is plagued with allergies of any kind. I personally used NAET to cure many of my own allergies and can personally attest to the fact that NAET works!  To read more click here.


This book differs from others about fibromyalgia because it offers a treatment for reversing this inherited disease. It not only thoroughly explains the disease itself and what causes it (with whole chapters dedicated to clusters of symptoms such as fatigue, irritable bowel and bladder, vulvodynia and skin irritations) but it also includes extensive information about hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), a common concurrent condition, and a special diet that controls it. The final section of the book includes daily coping strategies. The appendices contain: a 20-page section of resources for fibromyalgia and its related syndromes including phone numbers and web sites of local and national organizations, videotapes and recommended books; a 40-page glossary of medical terms related to fibromyalgia and common medications for this disease; a list of the most common natural substances to avoid; and a technical appendix for physicians and other medical professionals with journal references. Available in bookstores and also on line.

>Angel's Opinion: There exists an effective, safe, inexpensive treatment for fibromyalgia using a very old medication called guaifenesin. Here is an explanation of the Guaifenesin Protocol used by Dr. Amand.

DEATH BY MEDICINE  by Gary Null, PhD    9   

Written in collaboration with several doctors, this book reveals closely guarded secrets about the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry, the government, and the medical research establishment.  It discloses how drug companies are paying our legislators, TV and radio stations, schools, and news outlets to keep information about dangerous medications from the public.  It shows statistically that more Americans die each year at the hands of medicine than all US casualties in the World Wars and Civil War combined and contains eye-opening information on why it is more advantageous to the allopathic doctor to choose treatment over prevention, when prevention is possible.

Angel's Opinion:  Chock full of statistical research and factoids, this book is a must read for anyone who has ever wondered, "If alternative therapies work, then why doesn't everyone know about them?".  You owe it to yourself to find out.

This book finally exposes the truth about the unspoken connections between certain government agencies and big pharma and the reasons behind why this has remained a well kept secret for so long.  It details the innate problems with the structure of our governing bodies and pinpoints the inconsistencies within these structures that permit the Gestapo-like activities that have been occurring for decades.  It reports on many of the alternative healthcare options often overlooked by allopathic doctors and promotes working with a licensed practitioner to find and treat the cause of a medical problem instead of using medication to treat the symptoms.  In short, this is a political expose that promotes freedom of choice for health care in America.

Angel's Opinion: Although peppered with promotions for the author's books and website, the underlying health information is right on target. In all honesty, there is nothing in this book that is not common knowledge in deep alternative circles, which is probably why there has been such a concerted effort to discredit the author and his work.  Although I disagree with the manner in which Kevin Trudeau presents his information, I must applaud his courage and tenacity.  The "establishment" has successfully bullied too many doctors into silence.  I run across this all the time when trying to recruit speakers for my Alternative Medicine Conference.  There is only so much they are willing to say in public for fear of retribution.  Too many doctors have felt the sting of losing hospital privileges or enduring the negative publicity that comes with a staged lawsuit.  I personally know of one woman who put four alternative doctors out of business in the state of Pennsylvania by pretending to be a patient and then staging lawsuits.  One of the biggest criticisms of Kevin Trudeau is that he is not a doctor.  Trust me, a doctor could never speak the truth like this and still remain a doctor... not in this country.

 by Neil Z. Miller

This handbook evaluates each vaccine for safety, efficacy, and long-term effects while discussing uncensored data many doctors don't even know. It includes information on all recommended childhood shots, anthrax, smallpox, and flu plus recent studies and numerous case histories detailing vaccine-induced damage to children, pinpointing exact conditions that may put a child at risk. It includes information on vaccine ingredients, natural versus artificial immunity, and provides data documenting correlations between MMR and autism, polio vaccines and cancer, the hepatitis B vaccine and multiple sclerosis, the Hib vaccine and diabetes, and much more. It also outlines current vaccine laws and offers parental options to "mandatory" shots.  It includes 30 charts and graphs plus more than 900 citations.

Angel's Opinion: I have not read this book but it is highly recommended by Nutritionist Patrick Holford of Wellness Advisor in his August 2003 issue.


This book discusses in detail what to expect from conventional cancer treatment.  It offers guidelines on how to choose a doctor, who should be on your team, and how to cope.  It discusses common chemotherapy drugs and their side effects, antitumor antibiotics, antimetabolites, biological agents, hormonal agents, plant-derived agents, radiation and surgery.  It also takes a naturopath's look at how alternative medicines can help.  Although it does not go into detail about any alternative cancer treatments, it does list a few of the most well known alternative therapies.

Angel's Opinion: This book is a must for anyone who has decided to use conventional cancer therapy, if for no other reason than to gain a better understanding of the various drug choices and their side effects.  Some drugs are easier on the system than others and some herbs can help while others can harm. This book discusses when and how to blend in alternatives to ease your suffering.  



LIVING WITH JUVENILE DIABETES: A Practical Guide for Parents  by Victoria Peurrung    8

This book is truly what the title says, providing all the information you need to know about Type I diabetes in order to intelligently manage it. It discusses various treatments, testing, injecting, supplies, and gives advice on how to handle complications. It offers helpful tips on how to deal with school, camps, child care, sick days, exercise, nutrition, and cooking. It even offers scrumptious recipes and sample menus for the whole family. There are photocopy-ready instruction sheets for teachers and baby-sitters and the last two chapters delve into the latest research, including inhaled insulin. This is a must read for a caregiver of a newly diagnosed Type I diabetic.

Angel's Opinion: Since 95% of the diabetesspan> in this country is adult-onset or Type II diabetes, this book truly fills a void since it concentrates on the remaining 5% that have Type I. It has excellent food charts detailing the carbohydrate, protein, fat, caloric, fiber and sugar content of foods. Even though I am not diabetic, I like the food substitution list and the food equivalencies chart and some of the deserts really caught my eye. The nutrition section of this book is a good read for all diabetics and perhaps anyone trying to cut down on their sugar intake without sacrificing too much.

THE MERCURY IN YOUR MOUTH  by Lydia Bronte, Ph.D.    6

This well-documented book brings to the forefront vital information concerning silver amalgam fillings. The truth is told in under 135 easy to read pages with an additional 55 pages of Appendix documentation. Almost every chapter ends with a Summary of the information discussed in the chapter. It details the who, what, where, when, how and why of this controversial subject. It suggests physiological and neurological symptoms of mercury toxicity, tests to determine if you are mercury toxic and correct procedures to detoxify. There are even lists of dentists knowledgeable about the safe removal of mercury fillings and physicians who know how to treat mercury toxicity. This book is a must read for anyone suffering from unexplainable depression, dizziness, headaches, irritability, lack of concentration, memory lapses, nervousness, allergies, gingivitis, fatigue, gastrointestinal illnesses, high blood pressure or kidney problems.  Available from Quicksilver Press (212) 423-3074 and also on line.

Angel's Opinion: This book is well organized, easy to read and easy to understand. Upon completion you have a very good idea of what to do if you think you may be toxic and more importantly, how to go about correcting the problem. It discusses the dangers of removing all your fillings in a short time frame and precautions your dentist should take to prevent you from inhaling the mercury vapors caused by drilling. Anyone with silver fillings would benefit from reading this book.  Michael C. Goldman DDS has a very good web site dealing with a variety of dental topics, including a detoxification protocol you can bring to your dentist for safe removal of your mercury fillings.

BACTERIOLOGICAL WARFARE:  A Major Threat  by Larry Wayne Harris, Ph.D.

This book provides detailed information on the preparation and use of veterinary and agricultural antibiotics for human use in crisis situations when there may be a shortage of, or limited access to, pharmaceutical supplies for human use.  It also offers other suggestions on what you can do to protect yourself and your family in the event of biological warfare.  Dr. Harris discusses Terramycin-343 as his first choice because it is a more broad-spectrum antibiotic but other antibiotics are discussed also.  He says, these products come in powdered form and are a very effective treatment for plague, cholera, typhoid fever, and even anthrax.  The actual number of daily doses varies depending on which microbe an individual has been exposed to and he makes specific recommendations in his book.  Still in print but often difficult to find, one source is Millennial Technologies, 6701 N. Bryant, Oklahoma City, OK 73121, 888-833-0515.  The book costs around $20 but is available for $15 for Alternative subscribers.

Angel's Opinion: I have not read this book but it is highly recommended by Dr. David Williams of Alternatives.  He specifically targeted tetracycline as the active ingredient in a product called oxytetracycline HCI available in farm, ranch and feed supply stores.  Dr. Williams' May 2003 issue of Alternatives gives a very detailed synopsis of how to use some of the products mentioned in the book.

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