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FDA World: 1965-2008
A tiny peek into the mind of the FDA

Can Environment Affect Your Health?

Vaccines: The Whole Truth And Nothing But

What is Your Prescription Medication Doing To You?

Timing Increases Effects of Supplements, Drugs and Surgery

The Brain-Gut Connection

Minerals and Their Function

Check Your Digestion

Who is Angel?




NUTRITION – What You Need to Know – Marie McCaffrey, CNHP, facilitator of all these events, shared her most recent learning experience with a power point presentation to over 160 attendees that was based on the Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) Certification Program on Nutrition. She later sponsored a two-day CNHP Nutrition course for all who were interested in taking it further.

She shared the basics of the two-day workshop to allow the audience to learn enough to consider taking it in Philadelphia. Marie shared details about how your body uses food and what can prevent the food you eat from nourishing your cells. For instance, did you know that drinking soda with a meal prevents nutrient absorption? Sixty-three attendees said that they would attend this same program again if offered in the future but Marie recommends taking the official course instead.

The first hour, attendees learned the two types of nutrient deficiency, surprising facts about vitamins, how the body heals and how to determine the root cause of any health problem, plus so much more. During the second hour, they learned how to muscle test as well as the science behind how and why muscle testing works. The movie “At A Glance” was shown during the third hour depicting how to identify physical imbalances through observation.

During the breaks, various energy healers offered free sessions to all interested. After the event, Marie shared her full notes with all contributors via email, and continues to share critically important information that she feels relevant. It pays to support these free events.


Integrative Approaches to Common Health Problems presented by Dr. Kendall Ritz, MD, internist and pediatrician with a background in functional medicine specializing in chronic illnesses.

Dr. Ritz, who practices at the Omega Center across from the Christiana Hospital, did an excellent job of explaining the 8 characteristics of the root causes for all chronic disease and how to go about blending this knowledge with our individual situation to find the best form of treatment.

We prefaced this presentation with a short but powerful DVD of an interview with Dr. Christian Northrup, obstetrician and gynecologist. (These sessions were chock full of critical information not normally discussed by most doctors and Dr. Ritz also participated in our discussion forums… a treat enjoyed by all.


Hidden Dangers in Genetically Modified Foods presented by Bob Gregory, agriculture director for Hartland College, agronomist, author, and national speaker, 30 years experience teaching agribusiness and organic farming in both North and South America. Bob shared his knowledge in a shocking fact-based presentation on what we really need to know to protect ourselves and our families from the dangers in man-made foods.

He recommended the following books by Jeffrey Smith, an international consultant on GMOs: Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods and Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods.


Panel Discussion – It’s All in Your Head was one of the best and most interactive meeting thus far. A plethora of alternative tests were discussed (including one free one) to pinpoint medical problems when conventional tests fail to do so. Tests discussed: Live & Dry Blood Cell Analysis, pH Balancing, Holistic Iridology, Galvanic Skin Evaluation, Bioterrain Auditing, several blood tests and Scanning. Although our three panelists came from different areas and did not know each other, they all agreed upon the origin of disease and how to deal with it.

  • Due to the overwhelming interest of those present, Dr. Thomas L Mather, CTN, Dip. H. Ir, ThB, came back the following year to hold classes on various subjects.  A most engaging speaker, see below for his topics.
  • Lynn M. Wright RN, MSN, CM, MH, presentation was fascinating as she explained how the blood speaks to  us about our past, present and future health.  She performed a Live and Dry Blood Cell Analysis on screen for all to see how to access the amazing secrets the body holds.


H1N1 Swine Flu and Vaccine was presented by Alan Tillotson and Polly Grimaldi, RN, BS, nutritionist, author, national speaker, 2009 Woman of the Year, former radio and TV talk show hostess; listed in the 2000 edition of Who’s Who in the World, and Who’s Who in Medical Professionals. Issues discussed were:

  • The new definition of the term “pandemic” that will now classify many more disease outbreaks as pandemics
  • How dangerous is the Swine Flu… really
  • Vaccine ingredients and their short and long term side effects
  • The banning of the nasal spray vaccine in Canada due serious contagion issues
  • Statistics outlining the best and worst candidates for the flu shot
  • Important things to consider before taking the flu shot
  • Natural ways to strengthen your immunity
  • An excellent solution for our national health care crisis


Stump the Herbalist by Alan Tillotson, Ph.D, AHG, registered herbalist, author, formerly Delaware Today’s “Most knowledgeable person in Delaware in the field of Alternative Medicine” specializing in natural solutions for serious health problems, was an engaging Q&A where every single person in the audience got to ask questions on any aspect of any disease, while Alan responded with science and traditional ways to solve the problem. This was a very dynamic, information-packed session.


Cold & Flu Solutions:  In all of his presentations, Dr. Mather, CTN, Dip. H. Ir, ThB, board certified Naturopathic Doctor who heads Naturopathic Counseling and Education Services 570-934-0994, not only addressed the specific causes and symptoms of various illnesses but also gave detailed product information about what works, what doesn’t, an why.


Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue and How to Reverse It:  Many illnesses involve adrenal fatigue. In addition to the above, Dr. Mather addressed seven signs and symptoms of adrenal malfunction, how to test for it, how to read the test results, and important food guidelines, including a dietary intake wheel and a recipe for Adrenal Recovery Soup. Recommended reading: Adrenal Fatigue And What To Do About It by James L. Wilson, ND, DC, PhD


Seven Ways to Build Your Immunity:  Dr. Mather thoroughly explained the organs of immune response and how they work together to protect the body from invasion. He then presented seven simple ways to keep the immune system strong.


How to Heal Chronic Disease by Balancing Your Colon:  A most enlightening presentation. Dr. Mather drilled into the hidden sources of disease and the untold truths you need to know about your colon health… and enjoyable and sometimes humorous session.


Discovering the Raw Diet – Kristen Landis, CNHP, taught the basics of food preparation to make the Raw diet simple, affordable and attractive.


Gluten Intolerant? What Now? – Kristen Landis, CNHP, simplified Gluten Intolerance, what it is, how and why people are affected differently. She shared tips on how to easily bake and cook differently. We also got to taste some gluten-free delights.


Energy Medicine Workshops

The Science Of Muscle Testing –Marie McCaffrey, CNHP, president/founder of explained and demonstrated the how and why muscle testing works while offering scientific test results verifying the effect of a new holographic technology that uses energy to immediately promote healing without any substances entering the body.


Energy Medicine is Here to Stay – Edna Tunney, M.Ed, president of Resonant Light Technology demonstrated the latest light and sound technology and how it is being used to assist the body to achieve inner balance.


Matrix Energetics – Dotti Recarde, Matrix Practitioner Level 4, gave two different programs on Matrix… an AM and a PM. She also performed several demonstrations, shared some of her own experiences, and taught the class how to feel the energy. Here is what some of the participants had to say about the event the following day:

  • “Dottie is a Hoot!  Not only is she an informative and a skillful teacher but she is also entertaining.” –  Peggy
  • “Matrix  Energetics seems to paint a very uplifting view of the future in  a time of doom-and-gloom.” – Joe
  • “I enjoyed the presentation a lot. Dotti is a great person with a beautiful energy.  I’m excited to be able to get another  tool to help me and my family.  Highly recommend to attend it, if it comes around again.” – Danuta
  • “WOW!, WOW!, WOW! I have always felt that there has been some pieces missing to life as I have been taught to think (the box). What Dotti explained to us yesterday not only reaffirmed what I always consciously and      subconsciously thought and felt, but has now sent me off into a new direction/journey. Many Thanks.” – Mark
  • “As for me, I am speechless.  This weekend was so personally enlightening that I can find no words to describe it.  I believe that  everyone took from it exactly what they needed and that made it uniquely different for each and every one of us… so beautiful and beneficial all the way around.  Thank you Dotti!”  – Marie


Quantum-Touch – Marie McCaffrey facilitated two interactive video workshops on Quantum-Touch, a hands-on healing modality founded by Richard Gordon. It may be the easiest and most valuable skill one can ever learn. The technique is used to promote spontaneous healing with a simple light touch, easy enough to be learned by children, yet powerful enough to astound physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and a host of health professionals.

This workshop answered every single question students typically ask during live $345 workshops. After this class, students walked away clearly understanding and able to use Quantum-Touch. It also satisfied Level 1 Certification for aspiring practitioners.


Core Transformation I – Marie McCaffrey facilitated an advanced Core Interactive Video Workshop for the Quantum-Touch participants in the previous program. This was a spur-of-the moment idea brought on by hurricane Irene. The participants of the Quantum and Core programs (27 in all) formed a QT group. These events seem to bring out the best in people and nurture strong relationships that last forever. This is a wonderfully supportive group of individuals who are eager to learn and share.


Pranic Healing by Michael Borokhovsky, certified pranic healer and instructor. Michael explained that Pranic Healing is the only energy medicine that incorporates all other energy medicines. Since several attendees expressed an interest in learning how to do it, Michael offered a basic class in Newark that was approved for 16 CEU’s by NCBTMB, 14 by NASW, 16 by NCCAOM.


Muscle Test Yourself presented by Betty Powell.  Muscle testing, or applied kinesiology, is used to access the inner knowing in your body-mind-spirit through simple muscular tests. Many research studies have shown its efficacy. Betty taught us three different ways to test ourselves in this introductory workshop.

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