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Margarines are not made from milk as is butter. They are made from oil that is industrially manipulated into a buttery-tasting spread. I once read somewhere that a tub of margarine was placed in the woods and when they went back to get it a year later, the animals hadn't touched it. Much to everyone's surprise, not even the bugs would eat it. Could it be that even insects know what is food and what is not?

According to Dr. Bruce West of Health Alert, "All margarines are liquid plastic, negatively affecting every cell in your body. You are much better off eating plain butter, and raw butter is even better if you can find it. Butter is a whole food, with fat, vitamins, and minerals. It also contains sterols, fat-soluble activators, trace minerals, and more, especially if it is raw."

The fact is, workers in two states came down with severe or deadly lung disease while working with vats of artificial butter flavoring for popcorn. Nine of the workers developed the disabling lung disease bronchiolitis obliterans. Their lung damage appears to be permanent, and four are so seriously ill, they are on a lung transplant list. All this was from just handling and breathing artificial butter flavoring.


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