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The Freedom to Innovate

The freedom to innovate that accompanies capitalism has improved our lives immeasurably this century. Television, telephones, automobiles, computers, the internet, and air travel are now within everyone's reach. Free enterprise has played a major part in everything from the Dow being up 17,000 percent to the increase in our average life spans from 43 to 76 years with no small impact from the pharmaceutical industry. It's great to be alive in such an age!

At the same time, government influence in our lives has grown dramatically. At the turn of the century, "Tax Freedom Day" (the number of days the average American works to pay taxes) was January 31. Today it's in May. The politics of our national healthcare system has become a multi-billion dollar industry in and of itself. FDA officials routinely retire to work for giant drug companies.

The Intelligence to Discriminate

"As intelligent consumers we need to be alert to the simple fact that people, businesses, and governments are motivated by money. This universal truth goes by many names: profit, greed, economically feasible, bottom line, etc. Whatever the name, know that this "beast" is not going away. It's just the way life is. It's really no one's fault. There's nothing we can do to change it, so we must learn to live with it without getting hurt by it. The only way to do that is to use the intelligence God gave us to maneuver through this jungle like Tarzan moved through his, being ever careful not to grab the wrong vine."

"Use this web site as your guide book to the strong vines. It will guide you to the right reading materials, natural supplements, alternative therapies, practitioners, and medications. It will flag the quicksand and mark the safe routes. Yes, we may safely detour but not without taking great care to protect ourselves. To ignore these truths is to tempt fate or end up in the belly of the beast."  Angel

How Time Will Tell

I wrote the above in January 2000 when I first went on line.  Today, five years later, we have seen unprecedented bankruptcies of respected American institutions, corporate malfeasance at the highest level, prescription drug induced heart disease, strokes and deaths, and diseases appearing in children that were previously only seen in adults... including cardiovascular disease, obesity, hardening of the arteries, and adult onset or type II diabetes to name a few.  

Just 10 years ago, a study found that over 200,000 people each year died from prescription drug use, compared to only 20,000 who died from illegal drug use.  I wonder what those numbers are today.  As a matter of fact, "adverse drug reaction" is now the most common cause of injury in hospitalized patients.

Are we as a race ignoring the truths I wrote about in 2000?  Are we on the slippery slope leading into the belly of the beast?  How did things get this way?   Could it be that we have forgotten the golden rule?  "Whoever has the most gold makes the rules."   Are we really that naive to think that the government agencies or pharmaceutical companies really care about the public welfare over their own self-preservation and/or self-interests?  Does the idea that a drug might actually increase the user's risk of serious disease or death, really shock anyone?  It shouldn't.  

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, once said, "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food."  For anyone wishing to further their understanding of how to follow that superb pearl of wisdom, please go to the Library on this site and scroll down to the book review on Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.  It is a recipe for how to use foods to heal.

It shouldn't shock us that drugs don't cure disease.  Our innate intelligence tells us that they only mask symptoms.  In the process, they either suppress or increase our production or use of hundreds of essential compounds.  While there is no doubt that drugs can save lives under the right circumstances, there is also no doubt that they are much overused today.  We wouldn't ignore or turn off a warning light in our car to make the problem go away.  Why do we routinely do that with our own bodies?  Surely we don't really think that popping a pill is as effective as making diet and lifestyle changes.  Do we?  I know it's easier and can sometimes buy us some time.  But how many of us would drive a car at length after providing it with a quick fix that was just adequate enough to get us to the gas station?

The Cholesterol Myth

If you are plagued with high cholesterol or taking cholesterol lowering drugs, I urge you to read The Cholesterol Myths by Uffe Ravnskov.  Research does not support the idea that lowering cholesterol levels increases one's lifespan.  In fact, studies that report less risk of heart attack from lower cholesterol levels also show increased deaths from cancer and suicide.

One of cholesterol's functions is to protect cell membranes and tissue.  Common sense dictates that without this protection, we are left wide open to increase risk of neurological problems and cancer.  Cholesterol lowering drugs work by interfering with normal liver function.  They may also interfere with the liver's ability to neutralize excess hormones and environmental toxins.  There are even legitimate questions as to whether using blood pressure medications decreases one's lifespan.  

While high blood pressure and high triglyceride levels may be cause for concern, the plethora of information on dealing with these common problems through diet, exercise and supplements is all around us.  And these natural treatments address the causes with no negative side effects.  For example, scientists now know that simply walking up a hill for 4-5 hours a week will improve triglyceride metabolism.  Additionally walking downhill improves glucose processing.

So at risk of sounding redundant, the same truths hold true today that were true five years ago, and 10 years before that, and 100 years before that.  We need to rely more on our own common sense and less on propaganda if we are to survive.  

"Use this web site as your guide to educate yourself and know that to ignore these truths is to tempt fate or end up in the belly of the beast."  Angel



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