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According to Dr. Gary Moore, a holistic physician who administers inexpensive injections of calcium aminoethylphosphate (Cal EAP or CaEAP), the answer is a resounding yes. He not only has MS but he was nearly in a wheelchair before taking the shots, and now he is strong and actively pursuing his career.

Cal EAP injections were developed in Germany around 1960 by Dr. Hans Nieper and Dr. Franz Kohler and have been approved for MS therapy in Germany since 1966. Dr. Moore was Dr. Nieper's patient in 1991 when he started intravenous injections every other day. These continued for the next seven years. His disease has stabilized, which in Dr. Moore's own words is "miraculous since I was almost ready to use a wheelchair."

Calcium EAP is a mineral of sorts. The EAP is ethandamine phosphate, which makes up 5 to 15% of the nerve cell membrane. Nerve cell membrane and sheath are affected in MS. Over time, Calcium EAP repairs areas of demyelination, sealing areas of damaged cell membrane. This leads to less spasm, improved energy and endurance, and a quicker recovery.

Although treatments achieve best results when given as soon as possible after diagnosis, even patients with the disease for 10 to 15 years can respond and improve. About 70% to 80% of all patients get better, while some patients do not respond at all.  When you combine the shots with proper nutritional supplementation, results can be even better.



Another Worthwhile Treatment


According to Dr. Jonathan Wright of Nutrition& Healing newsletter, an amino-acid derivative called Procarin can also help with the symptoms associated with MS.  Procarin is actually a histamine that is combined with another natural amino.  Exactly how it works is not known.  One theory is that it may reverse the blood vessel spasms associated with MS, restoring normal blood flow to the affected tissue.


Prokarin is currently available in a transdermal patch which is changed twice a day and costs about $249.00 a month.  It is available by prescription only from compounding Pharmacies across the United States, Canada, and Australia..  Prokarin may decrease blood sugars, so use caution with hypoglycemia.  It is also contraindicated in persons with asthma.  Thomas Lee Abshier, ND, Portland, OR.  (503) 255-9500 is familiar with the research literature regarding Prokarin.


Other physicians familiar with Procarin and able to prescribe it (if appropriate) can be found through the American College for Advancement in Medicine (800) 532-3688 or (714) 583-7666.  To find a compounding pharmacy, contact the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (281) 933-8400.



Combined Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Bruce West of Health Alert, recommends using the shots in conjunction with a nutritional protocol that attacks the root causes of MS: damage to nerves and muscles with the resultant loss of their integrity; altered immune function; and toxicity. He believes a nutritional protocol must be aimed at these causes. He uses the following list of supplements by Standard Process Labs for at least three years and claims excellent success:

Cardio-Plus (6/day), Chlorophyll Perles (2/day), Cataplex G (3/day), Neuroplex (2/day), Organic Minerals (3/day), Super-EFF (3/day), Zypan (3-6/day), and a tablespoon of organic, raw flax oil. If you have a gastric ulcer, substitute Multizyme for Zypan.

He also advises avoiding all processed foods for the rest of your life -- all fried foods, margarines, bottled or packaged salad dressings, processed oils, soda, cigarettes, and almost all alcohol. Instead eat a diet of whole foods (organic is best) with a third of them raw. He recommends the Mediterranean Diet as a good style of eating for MS patients.

He also recommends MS patients eliminate all wheat and gluten products from their diet for at least 30 days to see if this elimination improves the clinical symptoms and also remove all chlorine and fluorine from drinking and shower water. See Water: The Misunderstood Nutrient for information on water filtering systems.

As soon as you begin to enjoy improved strength and stability, start a program of resistance exercises (weight lifting). Weight lifting can be safely and effectively practiced by all people who are stable enough -- including those into their 90s and beyond.



Other Important Studies

Dr. Dean Bonlie of Calgary, Canada, developed Magnetic Molecular Energizer (MME).  This machine may remind you of the huge MRI machines but it does not surround the patient so claustrophobia is not an issue and there is no need to stay completely still during treatment.  As a matter of fact, you can actually sleep, read, talk or watch TV while lying comfortably in a movable bed.  The minimum magnet time is 4 hours, the maximum magnet time is 12 hours.  Most treatments require 80 to 100 hours to start so most people simply sleep for 10 to 12 hour segments.  The results, so far, have been permanent, unlike the other two techniques which require lifetime use.  


To date more than 1000 peoples have been treated with MME which has worked extremely well in treating spinal cord injury, shoulder tendonitis, arthritis in the knee, fracture, cardiovascular disease, stroke, liver disease, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, herniated spinal disc, Bell's palsy, Becker muscular dystrophy, fibromyalgia /chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, head injuries and all types of joint problems.  This list is still growing.


This new technology works in three ways.  1)  It speeds up your natural healing process about 20,000 times.  2) It causes heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead, and other toxins to leave the body.  3) It enhances the production of stem cells.  It is not suitable for allergy, infection or cancer or for anyone with a medical implant or any kind of metal splint or pin, etc. within the body. 


MME very expensive and that rules out as a viable option for many as it's not covered by insurance.



A Word to the Wise

Any chemical engineer can tell you that when you put two different metals together in a salt solution, similar to saliva, electrical current is generated.  It is important to note that the electrical charges generated by mercury amalgam fillings are also a threat.  The five metals in amalgam fillings (mercury, copper, tin, zinc and silver) when placed in saliva, act as a complete battery, generating currents which may interfere with proper cellular function.

The amount of electricity generated seems quite small until you consider that your entire nervous system is managed by very small electrical current. When you begin to understand the impact of even a subtle electrical charge on your nervous system, it is actually surprising that this link has remained so elusive. The electrical charges emanating from the metals in your mouth may be in disharmony and interfere with your normal electrical signals.  It should hardly seem remarkable that this current could make you ill.

To evaluate the electrical impact of metals on bodily function, a device called a Pertec instrument is used.  It measures electricity in three ways: the voltage or potential energy; the amperage or current, which is the actual flow of electrons; and the milliwatt per seconds, which is the amount of force behind the flow.


Use caution when removing mercury amalgams

In December 1998, the television news program, 60 Minutes, aired a story called "Is there Poison in Your Mouth?" which focused on the controversy over mercury amalgam fillings.  The viewing public responded in droves requesting dentists across the country remove their amalgams.  Many dentists reacted to this pressure and replaced their patients' fillings even though they were not adequately trained to do so. During the months that followed, hundreds of people reported becoming very ill after the procedure.

Mercury amalgams should never be removed without adequate testing of the patients level of toxicity and body chemistry as well as appropriate safety precautions, such as having the patient breathe oxygen during removal, using large amounts of water, perhaps even intravenous Vitamin C, etc.  Before the procedure, supplementation with vitamins, minerals and homeopathics is necessary to help balance the chemistry to facilitate excretion and to protect against the increased exposure resulting from removal and the ensuing dumping of mercury.


Other tests that may prove helpful

A provocative "urine test" can reveal how much saturation of mercury is in the tissues of the body.  This involves taking a baseline urine test for mercury and other heavy metals.  Then a chelating drug which binds the metals is administered.  When the urine is retested, you can see if there is a substantial increase of metals in the urine, indicating a problem with metal buildup in the tissues.

Some dentists use a "mercury vapor test" which helps determine how much mercury vapor is escaping the fillings.  A "dental materials compatibility test" will tell immunologically if you are reacting to components in the mercury filling.  "Electro-Dermal testing" can also be used to help evaluate the impact of the mercury fillings on the body's meridians.  All of these tests are performed routinely by the biological or whole-body dentist.


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