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The following is an excerpt from chapter two of Whole-Body Dentistry by Mark A. Breiner, D.D.S. 

A Paradigm Shift

On the threshold of the twenty-first century, the health sciences in our society are in the midst of a powerful paradigm shift. This is why we see so much friction between the orthodox and alternative medical and dental communities.

The situation has gotten so extreme that in 1991, Congress had to send a directive to the National Institute of Health, demanding that they begin to actively research alternative healing therapies as an option to the "orthodox" methods. A Department of Alternative Medicine was established. According to the AMA Journal, visits to non-traditional healers doubled from 1991 to 1997, with 40% of the population using some form of alternative therapy in 1997. And in 1998, Congress appropriated 50 million dollars for a Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine within the National Institute of Health.

Newtonian View

What is the basis of this conflict? Up to now, medicine has been based on a Newtonian view of the world. Man was viewed as a machine, controlled by a computer: the brain and nervous system. This perspective considers man to be a three-dimensional physical body, where the function of the whole can be predicted by the sum of the parts.

Using this simplistic physical map, it follows that treatment will be on a physical plane, using drugs and surgery to effect physical change, whether on the macro or micro molecular level. If the heart malfunctions, give a drug to change its function, or if need be replace it with a new heart or artificial pump. Even if researchers are investigating at a cellular level, they are still observing from the perspective of a cellular, clock-like mechanism. A satisfying aspect of working in this chemical-structural plane is that it is measurable and predictable.

This Newtonian view has led to much advancement in medicine. However, because it is restricted to visible matter, it is extremely self-limiting.

Einsteinian Paradigm

As medicine starts to catch up with physics, these limitations will be torn aside. Einstein showed with his famous equation, E=mc2, that energy is matter and matter is energy. In grasping the implications of this, we see that if we are energy, then we in our physical state should also be affected by energy. In this Einsteinian paradigm, we are in fact greater than the sum of our parts, and are multidimensional, composed of many interacting energy fields, with each field having different frequencies. These fields can occupy the same space at the same time, much like the numerous radio, TV and telephone signals that fill the air all around us.

In this model we realize that there is a spark that gives guidance to all this energy. This topic is beautifully discussed in Dr. Deepak Chopra's book, Quantum Healing. In that instance between life and death, what is the difference? The person has died, but the cells are still alive. We can still transplant their organs. It is the animating, vital or divine force, which is spiritual and energetic in nature, that is the difference between life and death.

Etheric Body

Compelling evidence supports the existence of electromagnetic fields which surround each living organism, and which act as a cellular template or blueprint for the physical body. Dr. Richard Gerber, author of the book Vibrational Medicine, identifies this field as the "etheric body." This energy field is the software for the development of the body. Without this etheric map, the matter that makes up your body would not know how to organize itself into the body's many organ systems and functions. The etheric body consists of "subtle matter." This is matter which emits a very high, or refined frequency. Physical matter is at a lower or less refined frequency. This high-frequency energy body interacts and communicates with the visible body via energy channels like the acupuncture meridians and the chakras.


Biological medical research has discovered that these dynamic human energy systems do indeed have profound impact on the physical body system. Probably most familiar is the work that has been done with the ancient Chinese acupuncture theory. The acupuncture meridian system is a network of energetic pathways that run throughout the body, carrying an invisible energy known as ch'i, which nourishes and vitalizes the organs and tissues of the body. Although there have been many scientific studies documenting the existence of these pathways and the impact of the flow of ch'i energy in the treatment of disease, many Western physicians dismiss the idea.


Studies involving EMG electrode readings give evidence that the Indian subtle energy system referred to as the chakras also have a real and measurable impact on the human body. Chakras, generally considered a flaky "new age" idea, are actually energy centers in the body. Each of the seven largest centers corresponds to a nerve plexus and major endocrine gland center. Decreased flow through any one of these energy centers can impact the glands, hormone production, and create all kinds of neural malfunctioning in the physical body.

Holistic Approach

Illness in the body will appear as a problem or distortion in the etheric body before it manifests in the physical body. Any injury or sudden disruption to the physical body can be "communicated" to the etheric body in a manner that causes distortion or damage to the etheric body as well. That is why continued study, appreciation, and understanding of the etheric body is essential to developing a holistic approach to getting and staying healthy. You may have heard the term "light body," "emotional body," and "magnetic body" among others. These so-called bodies result from different frequencies being emitted at the subatomic level. Much like different channels on TV, each "program" is broadcast as thousands of pulses of energy of different frequencies, yet each arrives as a complete cohesive picture. The human system also broadcasts several different frequencies of "body," but we have previously been unfamiliar with or unable to perceive most of them. More research is necessary to learn about the multidimensional nature of being human.

Research has shown that if a leaf is cut, a special type of photograph of this leaf will show the outline (etheric body) of the whole leaf. Also, in any small part of the leaf, there is a hologram of the entire leaf. We thus see that the smallest part of the leaf contains the whole leaf, and from this we can deduce that the smallest part of the universe is a part of the bigger universe, and that it is all connected. This is how plants can communicate with each other, or psychics can see what is happening thousands of miles away.

Energetic Aspects of Healing

As medicine moves more and more toward the Einsteinian model, treatment and diagnosis beyond the physical become possible. We are beginning to understand through observation and experiments the energetic aspects of healing. From this modern viewpoint, we are slowly coming to a realization how acupuncture, homeopathy, gem stones, flower essences, psychic healing, etc. produce their results. They are all interacting with what is called the subtle energy field. Indirectly exploring these fields with EAV or kinesiology (see respective chapters) gives insight not otherwise obtainable.

Arriving at an understanding and appreciation of this energetic perspective requires such a shift in thinking, one can understand how those cemented into the Newtonian paradigm would have trouble grasping these new revelations.

However, it is most essential that professionals committed to human health develop the capacity to let go of old, limiting ideas -- to constantly transform their thought and practice as new discoveries are made. With a fresh, expanded viewpoint of the human system, the medical community can begin to explore and perhaps say "why not?" to many complementary treatments that were previously dismissed out-of-hand as ridiculous. And once you start experiencing the successful results of some holistic, non-traditional therapies, it becomes impossible to deny their effectiveness.

The ratio of protons to particles of matter is a constant of nature at 9.746 to 108 or 100,000,000.  This means that science which looks solely at matter is only covering one-billionth of all the phenomena in the cosmos.  [Bioresonance and Multi-resonance Therapy, Vol 1, Hans Brugeman, Ed. Haug, Published Brussels, English Edition 1993]


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