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Why Buy Supplements?

Why do we spend our hard earned dollars on supplements?  Is it because we don't believe we are getting adequate nutrition elsewhere?  Whatever the reason, the populous has been buying more and more supplements each year but that has not translated into less illness.  In fact, degenerative diseases are on the rise and have been for quite some time.

But if we're not getting adequate nutrition from food and we can't get it from supplements then where can we get it?  And why are we wasting our money on something that doesn't work?  Are we really getting what we pay for from our high-priced supplements?  More often than not the answer is an emphatic, NO. 


Things to consider when buying Natural Supplements

It is very important to note that single nutrients (vitamins and minerals) are rarely recommended unless prescribed by your doctor.  If you are treating yourself, it is always better to choose nutrients that are normally found together in nature.  Vitamins and minerals need special carriers and co-factors to escort them into our cells for proper absorption.  Without these carriers, the body will rob other areas to supply the needed co-factors.  This can cause major deficiencies with long term use.    


It is also important to note that mega doses of vitamins and minerals are not recommended by alternative practitioners because these are inorganic fractionalized chemicals without the appropriate carrier co-factors to usher them into our cells.  Our bodies only absorb between one and five percent of these chemicals and the other 95% are left floating around in our system to settle into improper places. That is why you will not find single nutrients listed in this product guide.  You will find natural medicines, herbs and food source vitamins and minerals in combination. 


If you are intent on taking specific minerals for a particular issue, it would be wise to do a mineral analysis first to see if you really need that mineral.  It could easily be you are deficient in a cofactor needed to absorb that mineral or you lack the digestive capability to absorb it.  If that's the case, there are ways around the digestive track.


You can have a mineral analysis done (see below) with your doctor's approval.  If you can't get a doctor's approval, you may be able to order through me.   


Natural Supplements are not regulated so the quality varies widely. There are no government standards for quality, potency or authenticity and many imported herbs are irradiated in an effort to protect us against bacteria and viruses. It is especially important that the buyer beware. The companies mentioned here are believed to be reliable sources.


Make sure you know exactly what you want, including brand names, before buying herbs and alternative medications in a Health Food Store. However, if you must, here are some safety guidelines:

1.  When buying bulk herbs, look for sealed opaque packaging. Fresh herbs must be protected from light and air. Herbs over six month old are less potent than fresh.

2.  Bulk herbs must be stored in opaque jars -- dark brown or blue. If stored in clear jars they are fine for ceremonial use or their aroma but are probably not good for eating or drinking.

3.  Some encapsulated herbs should be refrigerated. Always check the expiration date and never buy an herbal product that is near or past that date.

4.  When possible, stick with brands you know are reputable, such as those listed here, that use natural food based ingredients as opposed to fractionalized or synthetic ingredients.

5.  Herbs can be quite powerful. You may want to consult an herbalist before wasting time and money on herbal remedies that may be totally inappropriate. A good herbalist can mix up a batch of exactly what you need, choosing herbs that will work well together to increase healing. Usually they will give you a powder that you can mix with juice or water.

The following list of products are produced by reputable companies and believed to work.  The list is small because it is difficult to find reputable companies.  It is equally difficult to find products that work.  Most of the items below can be found through an internet search but if you have difficulty finding it online, sources are listed below.  -- Angel

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Alphabetical Listing of Products

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AMAS Test                              Blood test for early-stage cancer

Dr. Samuel Bogoch's Oncolab, Foundation for Research on the Nervous System

36 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02215 (800) 922-8378, cost $165





Bleed-X                                A potato-based starch product used to stop bleeding
Medafor, 5201 East River Road # 312, Minneapolis, MN 55421 (877) 633-2367


Blood Type Test                   To determine blood type

Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's web site offers a home blood typing kit  


Capra Mineral Whey              A food-based, goat milk, powdered mineral supplement
Mt. Capra Products, 279 SW 9th, Chehalis, WA 98532 (800) 574-1961, (360) 748-4224



DGP (Dog-Gone Pain)           Natural Pain Remedy for Dogs
The Harmony Company, PO Box 93, Northvale NJ 07647, 1-800-422-5518; International 203-261-2034

A simple sugar used for urinary tract and bladder infections
Bio-Tech Pharmacal (800) 345-1199


D-Ribose                               A simple sugar that replenishes core energy

Available everywhere




EarthPulse                            Electromagnetic device for neurological diseases
Millipulse, Inc. 2100 NE Dixie Hwy, Jensen Beach, FL 34957.  (772) 485-9724, (772) 225-0358

Energy Chips                        As discussed in Slide Share

ARL Analytical, Email Angel for discount number and instructions on how to order

Enzymes                               Digestive support
Nature’s Sunshine  (800) 223-8225



Food, Organic                       Organic, whole, raw, convenient foods

Brain Garden, Beyond Organic, Seven Point 2, AOR




Guaifenesin                          Used for Fibromyalgia
Medi-Mail (800) 922-6579, Physicians to call in prescriptions (800) 648-6834, Canada, no prescription needed, bulk powder only, no pills 




HP8                                      Very effective herbal supplement for prostate cancer
The Harmony Company, PO Box 93, Northvale NJ 07647, (800) 422-5518; International (203) 261-2034





ImmPower                            Strengthens the immune system to fight cancer and other illnesses
y American Biosciences, Valley Naturals or do an internet search.

Immun'Age FPP
                     Fermented Papaya Preparation for Parkinson's Disease and AIDS
Osato Europe, The Polygon Building A, 30900 Nimes, France,  ph 3304 6664 0247, fax 3304 6627 1510

Osato USA, 11751 Mississippi Avenue #110, Los Angeles, CA 90025-6120

Phone (310) 231-1090, Toll-Free: (877) 672-8611 or (877) 424-6765, Fax: (310) 231-1089

                                            Natural anti-depressant + sleep aid.   Helps prevent nerve degeneration




L-Dopa                                  Mucuna-based powder used  to treat Parkinson's Disease
International Supplements, 6139 Elpine Way, West Palm Beach, FL 33418  ( 800) 476-1720




Mega H                                   An extremely potent hydrogen based antioxidant

PhiSciences,  formulated by Dr. Patrick Flanagan

Formula has been changed and is now called Mega Hydrate.  Not as good as the previous version... Mega H.


Mineral Analysis                    Hair Analysis to determine mineral deficiency or toxicity

Analytical Research Laboratories, 2225 West Alice Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85021 USA  (800) 528-4067

Email Angel for a professional number and instructions to order direct from the company.



Nattokinase                           A fast-acting Japanese blood clot buster used for stroke

Allergy Research Group, 30806 Santana Street, Hayward, CA 94544  (800) 545.9960, (510) 487.8526

NDF / NDF Plus 
                      Nanocolloidal Detox Factors for Heavy Metal Detox


Niacinamide                           A simple cure for cold sores

      A Spirulina supplement
Healing Edge Sciences, distributor for Kona Hawaiian Brands




Precious Oils                          Extremely potent oils for medicinal use
Young Living Essential Oils, 250 South Main Street, Payson, Utah 84651 (800) 763-9963


Pristine by Body Electric           Extremely potent mint oil for upset stomach and nausea
Body Electric, 982 South Main Street, Colville, Washington  99114 (800) 692-2390


Pro-State Massager              Device used to self-massage the prostate in BPH and prostatitis patients.
High Island Health, PO Box 55427, Houston, Texas 77255 (713) 680-8840




Respiratory Relief                 A liquid anti-microbial, silver colloid for use in inhalers.

Health Alert Store (888) 525-5955

RiSoTriene                              An analysis.   A good tasting, stabilized rice bran powder to boost immunity when sick
Integris, (888)


Rife Machines                         Rife used energy pulses to destroy pathogens that cause disease
Natural Energies, 1825 Tamiami Trail, A6 #108, Port Charlotte, FL 33948, (702) 579-4027, (866) 428-3395




Seacure                                  A white fish dietary protein supplement with natural Omega-3 fatty acids
Proper Nutrition  (800) 952-5884


SunSpot ES                             A deep spot exfoliating cream Angel used to slough off melanomas.  It really worked!
Has replaced
Skin Answer, which the FDA removed from the market pending drug status. 

Standard Process                   
Food-based vitamin supplements for professionals only

Dr. Bruce West offers free prescriptions for subscribers to Health Alert 831-372-2103.  Orders (800) 231-8063

A natural sugar substitute safe for diabetics
Richters Herbs, Goodwood, ON   (905) 640-6677
(Also in most health food stores.)

SunSpot ES Gel                    
  Skin cancer treatment in a tube
This product replaced Skin Answer when it was pulled off the market pending drug approval.



Tecnu                                      Removes poison oak + ivy oils
Tec Laboratories Inc, Albany, OR 97321  (800) 261-7662.


Triphala                                   Eye Health
Bazaar of India Imports, 1810 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94703  (800) 482-4464.

Tummy Teas
                            To reduce the symptoms of IBS
Heather & Company, 80 S Washington Street, Suite 304, Seattle, WA 98104  (866) 640-4942


L-Tryptophan                          Natural anti-depressant and sleep aid




Vitamins & Minerals                 Natural food based
Standard Process Labs, Orders (800) 231-8063

Dr. Bruce West offers free prescriptions for subscribers to Health Alert 831-372-2103.


Vitamins & Minerals                 Natural food based

Protocol for Life Balance (Iron Free) Ortho Liquid Multi- available through doctors




Whole Skin Ointment               Used extensively in Chinese burn clinics for fast skin growth

Chi Enterprises, Famous Herbs, 1207 SE Woodstock Blvd, #502, Portand, OR 97206  (503) 896-7400




Xlear                                        A sugar-based non-addictive nasal spray
Xlear, Inc., P.O. Box 970911, Orem, Utah 84097-0911, (877) 599-5327


Xylitol                                      Sugar substitute good for dental health and middle ear infections. 



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