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Top 20 ADDITIVES to Avoid - 2 pages (2006)


What Scientists Know About AGING - 2 pages (2001)


Do Free Radicals Impact AGING - 2 pages (2001)


A Cure for ALLERGY - 2 pages (2015)

    How to Cure Food Allergies in 1 Minute or Less

    NAET, Alkalinity vs Acidity

    Pulse Test to identify food allergies

    Tips for detecting allergens


ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE: A Comparison - 1 page ( 2012)


Aluminum and ALZHEIMER'S Disease - 1 page ( 2003)

    The connection between aluminum, fluoride and Alzheimer's


What Causes ALZHEIMER'S Disease - 1 page (2003)


Flower Power for ALZHEIMER'S Sufferers - 1 page (2003)

    Cholinesterase inhibitors: Aricept, Cognex, Exelon and Reminyl

    The effects of Galantamine on alzheimers disease

        Related article: Three Promising Treatments for PARKINSON'S.

        If you have problems connecting, e-mail Angel.


Fighting Infection without ANTIBIOTICS - 2 pages (2002)

    A Tragic Event Caused by Antibiotics

    Common Sense Medicine

    What worked for Angel


Alternative Tips for Tackling ARTHRITIS - 3 pages (June 2003)

    Natural methods for dealing with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis

    Niacinamide, Cod-liver oil, natural vitamin E, and selenium

    Nightshade sensitivity, diet, allergies, hypochlorhydria

    Copper, zinc, boron, DHEA, ginger, cayenne pepper, yucca

    Bromelain, devil's claw, stinging nettle, green lipped mussel

    Knotweed mimics estrogen

    Foods that can Aggravate Arthritis


 How ASPIRIN Affects Enzymes - 1 page (2016)

        Related article: MINERALS and Their Function


ASPARTAME: Best Selling Sweetener or Kiss of Death - 1 page (2000)

        Related article: Everything you ever wanted to know about SUGAR


A relationship between Tylenol and ASTHMA - 1 page (2001)

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Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA) - 2 pages (2002)

    What is a Biological Terrain Assessment?

    What should you expect from this test?

        Related article: Computerized Regulation Thermography (CRT)

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A Natural Solution to Stomp Out Heel CALLUSES - 1/2 page (2003)

    The benefit of Vitamin A on cracked, painful heel calluses


The Link between CANCER and Blood Type - 1 page (2002)

    The statistical association between Cancer and blood type A

    Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's lectin theory

    A simple yet profound remedy


The Breast CANCER / Hormone Connection - 4 pages (2002)

    The link between breast cancer and apoptosis

    Estrogen and progesterone effects on apoptosis

    Can you cure cancer if you can control apoptosis?

    Genes that cause cancer to grow or die

    Progesterone levels at time of surgery affect survival rates

    Thoughts from John R. Lee, MD


Chinese Herb Triumphs Over CANCER - 2 pages (2002)

    The relationship between iron and cancer

    The effect of artemisinin on cancer cells

    Henry Lai's research discussed


The Link Between CoQ10 and CANCER - 2 pages (2000)


Can Tamoxifen Prevent Breast CANCER? - 2 pages (2000/02/03)


A Personal Experience with CANCER - 2 pages (2000)


A New Pill That's Curing CANCER - 2 pages (2000/01)

    Chronic Mylogenous Leukemia (CML)


Prostate CANCER: Facts you should know - 2 pages (2002)

    Cancer statistics; How does cancer spread?

    How to stop prostate cancer from spreading

    Important studies

    Modified citrus pectin; More on quercetin

        Related article: PSA Levels in Relation to Prostate CANCER

        If you have problems connecting, e-mail Angel.


PSA Levels in Relation to Prostate CANCER - 1 page (2006)

    Maximum PSA levels for most men

    The problem with PSA levels

    Some alternative solutions

    Flaxseed, lycopene, insulin, quercetin

        Related article: Prostate CANCER: Facts You Should Know


CANCER Tidbits - 4 pages (2010)

    Mammography: Facts you should know

    Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI)

    The Most Accurate Test for Cancer -- AMAS Test

    The Lentz Treatment (UltraPheresis)

    Amazon Herb (Graviola) knocks out Chemotherapy Drugs

    The Link between DHEA & Breast Cancer

    Natural Progesterone for an Estrogen Imbalance

    Cancer Vaccines

    Fight Cancer from Within with Photoluminescence

    Bone Marrow Transplants for Advanced Breast Cancer

    The Truth About Breast Cancer and Fat

    Do Bras Cause Breast Cancer?

    Do Organochlorines Cause Breast Cancer?


Treating CANCER Without Injury - 4 pages (2002)

    Tumor Cell Specific Killing using Polydox or Poly-MVA

    Animal and Clinical Studies

        Related article: Chinese Herb Triumphs Over CANCER + Prostate CANCER: Facts You Should Know

        Related article: The Link between CANCER and Blood Type + several CANCER articles above


Natural Cures for CANDIDA - 1 page (2015)


Estrogen Levels and CHOLESTEROL Drugs - 2 pages (2002)

    A sad case history


CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS Chart - 1 page (2011)

    The normal 24-hour cycle of your biological clock

        Related article: TIMING Increases Effect of Supplements, Drugs and Surgery  


A Simple Cure for COLD SORES - 1 page (2008)

    Can FAT make you THIN?


Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) - 3 pages (2005)

    Can Fat Make You Thin? 

    CLAs connection to Cancer, Diabetes, Heart & Artery Disease, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, and Immunity


COSMIC Occurrences that Affect Our Planet and Ourselves - 3 pages (2006)

    Phenomena revealed

    Questions to ponder as we look to the future


Computerized Regulation Thermography (CRT) - 1 page (2002)

    What is a CRT and why is it helpful?

    How does it compare to Mamography?

        Related article: Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA)

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12 Natural DEPRESSION Treatment- 3 page (2005)

    Fifteen questions to help you determine if your digestion is under par.


How do you deal with DEPRESSION and/or anxiety in a non-pharma way? - 1 page (2014)


DIABETES - 8 pages (2002) updated (2004)

    Background and Statistics of TypeI and Type II

    The Link between Vitamin D and Type I Diabetes

    Prognosis and How to Control it

    Acarbose, Sulfonylurea Drugs, Metformin, Rezulin Discussed

    Foods + supplements that stabilize blood sugar levels and enhance insulin activity

    What about fat? Chocolate?

    How to Eat when Your Diet's too Sweet

    Drugs Won't Solve the Problem


Check Your DIGESTION - 1 page (2003)

    Fifteen questions to help you determine if your digestion is under par.


Natural Pain Remedy for DOGS - 3 pages (2003)

    Dog-Gone Pain remedy (DGP) helps rebuild cartilage in joints


Prescription DRUGS Cause Nutrient Deficiencies - 2 pages (2002)

    Side effects of prescribed medications + OTC remedies

    A list of nutrients being depleted and their effects

    Drugs that cause problems

    Statistics on prescription drug induced deaths

    Prevention with Targeted Homeopathics

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ENERGY Medicine:  Does it really work? - 1 pages (2016)

    Short Slide Share on the science behind energy medicine.


How ENVIRONMENT Affects Your Health - 3 pages (2002)

    The Last 50 years vs. the last 1000 years

    Hormones via hair care -- ignored by the FDA

    Facts you should know and what you can do

        Related article: The Science of WATER


EYE Health - 6 pages (2001)

    Natural techniques for dealing with common eye problems:

    Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, Vision and Dry Eyes

    Diet and Exercise for the eyes

    How to tell if your eye problems are caused by allergies

    The Pulse Test

    The impact of sugar on your eyes

    Supplements for the eyes

    A drug to avoid

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A Cry to Act Against the FDA - 3 pages (2004)

    FDA problems exposed

    Solution to FDA corruption offered


FDA World - 3 pages (2011)

    Summary of some of the actions & judicial records of court outcomes involving the FDA from 1965 to 2008


Mineral Treatment for FIBROCYSTIC Breast Disease - 1 page (2003)

    Dr. John Myers protocol discussed


Symptoms of FIBROMYALGIA - 1 page (2002)

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome discussed (IBS)

    Natural Alternatives to Zelnorm


What Can You Do For The FLU? - 2 pages (2000)

    Amantadine, Afrin, Photoluminescence, MGN-3,

    Sambucol, Proberry Caps, Echinacia & Goldenseal


The Science behind Annual FLU SHOTS - 3 pages (2016))

    Scientific Evidence going back to 1944

    The Costs of the Flu Vaccine

    Rolling the Dice with your Health


Scratching the surface of FINGERNAILS - 1 page (2002)

    Using the fingernail as a diagnostic tool


The Top 20 FOOD ADDITIVES to Avoid Chart - 1 page (2003)

    E number, usage, side-effects, pesticides and harmless additives

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The Brain-GUT Connection - 1 page (2005)

The Sleep-GUT Connection - 1 page (2006)

The Anxiety-GUT Connection - 1 page (2007)


An Herbal GLOSSARY - 1 page (2013)

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Curing Chronic HEADACHES Without Meds - 6 pages (2002)

    Finding the cause of chronic headaches

    Headache categories, headaches as warning signs


A Natural Solution to Stomp Out HEEL CALLUSES  - 1 page (2015)

    The affect of mild hypothermia on heart attack patients


Cold Helps HEART Attack Victims - 2 pages (2002)

    The affect of mild hypothermia on heart attack patients


How to Survive a HEART Attack Alone - 1 page (2004)


HEART Disease Testing - 2 pages (2002)

    Critical information you and your doctor need to know

    The link between heart disease and blood type


What Causes HEART Disease? - 2 pages (2002)


Twelve Natural Treatments for HEART Disease - 4 pages (2014)

    Tissue Salts, UBI, CoQ10, Rogenic, Coleus Forskohlii, Ginseng

     Garlic, Guggul, Calcium, Ginko, Hibiscus, Liquorice Root


HEART Medication: RED ALERT for Statin Drugs - 1 page (2002)

    FDA petitioned for new drug labeling

    All statin drug users should take CoQ10


What is HOMEOPATHY - 2 pages (2016)

    Why does Homeopathy work?


How to Cure H. PYLORI without Antibiotics - 2 pages (2007, 2012)

    The link between H. pylori, gastro-esophageal reflux and esophageal cancer

    The relationship between antibiotics, cardiovascular disease and heart attacks

    D-mannose for urinary track infections

    Catnip tea (catmint) at the very first sign of poison ivy


HYPERTENSION - 2 pages (2002)

    Types of high blood pressure

    Identifying the cause and what to do

    Cholesterol-lowering drugs and CoQ10


Side Effects of HYPOTHYROIDISM - 5 pages (2003)

    Side effects of an underactive thyroid

    Heart disease, poor circulation, low immunity, depression, confusion, constipation

    Decreased heart rate, weight gain (pot belly), pain where the ribs meet the sternum

    Memory loss, unexplained crying, morning headaches / dizziness, ringing in the ears

    Hair Loss, allergies, husky voice, muscular sluggishness / weakness

    Causes and treatment of hypothyroidism

    Iodine Deficiency, Selenium Deficiency, Estrogen-like Compound Pollution

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Alternative treatments for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - 2 pages (2011)  

    Causes and food triggers for IBS

    Foods and natural supplements that can help calm IBS

    Natural alternatives to Zelnorm  


What causes ILLNESS - 1 page (2014)

    MINERAL Deficiency 


The IMMUNE System: How It Works - 3 pages (2000)

    Infection and Immuno-Toxins

    Is Food enough to keep our bodies healthy?

    The Function of Vitamins

        Related article: AGING for more details on vitamins, free radicals and antioxidants...


The Most Powerful IMMUNE Booster Known - 5 pages (2000)

    MGN3 and ImmPower


How to Self-Test for an IODINE Deficiency - 1 page (2003)

    Low iodine levels can mimic other diseases, including

    Depression, stress, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia

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Inducing LABOR Naturally - 1 page (2004) Pregnancy

    Castor oil: Not just a laxative anymore


LASIK Surgery and Night Blindness - 1 page (2001)

    An alternative to LASIK: EZM, PCM, Orthokeratology


Natural LIVER Therapies - 4 pages (2002)

    Liver and the cause of illness

    Bile and your health

    Ancient healing vs modern medicine

    Quiz to help you judge the health of your liver

    Natural liver detoxification therapies


LOVESTATIN Horror Story - 1 page (2007)

    The importance of taking CoQ10 with Statin Drugs

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MARGARINE: The ultimate fake food - 1 page (2002)


Facts you should know about MERCURY amalgam fillings - (5 pages)

    A summary report submitted by ASOMAT: The

    Australasian Society of Oral Medicine and Toxicology


Symptoms of MERCURY toxicity - 1 page (2003)

    Is Mercury Toxicity an Autoimmune Disorder?

    Dangers of Organic Mercury like that used in vaccinations

    Symptoms of Mercury Toxicity from mercury vapor exposure in dental amalgams

    Mercury/Toxic Metal Sensitivity Questionnaire

    Hope for Mercury Amalgam Poisoning

    Mercury Toxicity Analyst


Goats MILK vs Cows Milk - 2 pages (2003)

    Related article: MINERALS and their Function


MINERALS and their Function - 3 pages (2003)

    How minerals work and their relationship to enzymes

    Diet, nutrition and how our systems get out of balance

        Related article: Goat MILK vs Cow Milk


How to Detect MINERAL DEFICIENCIES - 3 pages (2014)

    This is the second article in the series, What Causes Illness


What Should You Know About MSM? - 1 page (2003)

    MSM (Methylsulfonyl Methane) must be taken with molybdenum


Can one recover from MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS? - 2 pages (2002)

    Calcium EAP (Cal EAP) for MS

    Dr. Gary Moore's protocol discussed

    Dr. Hans Nieper and Dr. Franz Kohler's research

    Procarin: Another Worthwhile Treatment

    Combined Therapies, Diet, Exercise

    How the metals in our mouth effect the bodies electrical current

    Evaluating the electrical impact of metals on bodily function

        Related article: WATER: The Misunderstood Nutrient

             Related article: Three Promising Treatments for PARKINSON'S

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Try Ginger for NAUSEA - 1 page (2002)

NITRATES Aren't All That Bad - 2 pages (2000)

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Medical ODDS & ENDS - 7 pages (2006, 2013)

    How much water do we need?

     Bowell transit

     Signs of poor carb digestion

     Candida, Cancer, Edema, Thyroid, Adrenals, Muscle Cramps, Hormones

     Nitroglycerin and angina

    Types of Calcium

     Natural aid for arthritis pain

    Bladder & urinary tract infections, d-mannose, poison ivy

    Nuts, Predigested Protein, MSG, Iron, chelation, Alfalfa, Chromium, Lecithin, Copper

    Pomegranate juice for carotid artery stenosis

    New treatment for back pain - Discectomy

    Internal bleeding and Rhubarb

    Colic, Pregnancy, Nausea, Postpartum depression

    The link between diabetes, heart disease & vitamin D

    Heart Disease and the Amer Heart Ass Diet, The Montignac Diet

    New treatment for uterine fibroids - Embolization   

    Chemotherapy, radiation, motion sickness

    High-Heels may cause Osteoarthritis

    Simple cure for Hiccups

    Could Flossing save your life?

    Antidepressants cause hip fractures in elderly

    How to neutralize skunk odor

    Blood transfusions increase death rate in critically ill

    New treatment for varicose veins - Ablation

    Hydrogen Peroxide Cure for warts

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A New Treatment for PERIODONTAL Disease - 1 page (2000)


Alternative Treatment of PEYRONIE'S Disease - 3 pages (2013) (pyronies,pirones) penis)

    What is it and what can be done about it?


The Role of pH in all Health Conditions - 8 pages (2003)

    What is it and why is it so difficult to maintain a healthy pH?

    Our Bodies Defense System

    The Aging Process and What Causes it?

    How Health Conditions Link to pH ( Arthritis, Cardiovascular Disease, Osteoporosis)

    How pH affects Immune Function and Vitality

    How diet affects your pH levels

    Acid-Forming Foods & Alkalizing Foods

    How to use Mega H to increase your pH


The Yin and Yang of PRESCRIPTION Medications - 2 pages (2000)

    Correct the Problem or Place the Blame

    How can we protect ourselves?


A brief summary of the POLITICS of Medicine in the U.S. today - 1 page (2000)  

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Everything you ever wanted to know about SALT - 4 pages (2001)

    Is salt Good or Bad?

    How Salt Works in our Bodies

    Where in the world can we find good salt?


How SLEEP Patterns Determine Your Health - 5 pages (2002)

    The hazards of low melatonin

    The latest news about coffee

    Caffeine content of common drinks

    Melatonin in clinical use

    Increase melatonin levels naturally

    Acupressure, lavender and calcium

           Related article: How ENVIRONMENT Affects Your Health


Hope for SJOGREN'S Syndrome Sufferers - 1 page (2002)

    Dr. West's Natural Protocol for Sjogren's Syndrome


Things to Consider before getting the SMALLPOX Vaccine - 2 pages (2003)

    Facts you should know before getting stuck


Stages and Symptoms of SMALLPOX Disease - 1 page (2003)


A Natural Alternative to STATIN Drugs - 4 pages (2003) Polycosanol or Polycosinol

    Studies that prove policosanol is more potent than Statin Drugs:

    Mevacor (lovastatin), Zocor (simvastatin), Pravachol (pravastatin)

    Policosanol lowers blood pressure -- Statin drug raises it

    Policosanol effectively lowers cholesterol levels and

    Prevents blood clotts better than aspirinwithout side effects

         Related article: HEART Medication: RED ALERT for Statin Drugs


STEM CELLS: Natures Gift - 2 pages (2000)


Limiting STROKE Damage - 1 page (2004)

    Physical position after a stroke can influence the degree of brain damage.


Medical Breakthrough for STROKE Victims - 1 page (2000)


The Link Between SUGAR and Aging - 3 pages (2001)


What you need to know about SUGAR - 4 pages (2003)

    How Sugar Works in the Body

    The Insulin and Diabetes Connection

    Simple Sugars for Complex Problems: D-mannose

    How to Treat Urinary Tract and Bladder Infections Naturally

    Xylitol for plaque and children's ear infections

    If you have problems connecting, e-mail Angel.  

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TIMING increases effect of supplements, drugs and surgery - 4 pages (2003)

    What happens during a normal 24-hour cycle - the Circadian Rhythm /span>

    Not just how but when to treat problems

    Increasing your odds by correctly timing appropriate treatments

        Related article ACUPUNCTURE /Acupressure Meridians Code Breaker


TMJ: Temperomandibular Joint and Pain - 2 pages (2002)

    The ten cent test for TMJ

    What to do if you have TMJ  


St. John's Wort + Organ TRANSPLANTS - 1 page (2000)

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VACCINATIONS: Good, Bad or just plain Ugly - 1 page (2002)

    A government bias that kills

    Is there such a thing as healthy mercury?

    Alzheimer's linked to flue shots

    A powerful herb to prevent Alzheimer's

    Selenium: Better than a flu shot

        Related article: What Can You Do For The FLU?


VACCINES: The Whole Truth + Nothing But - 4 pages (2003)

    This article answers the what, when, how and why of vaccinations.

    Which vaccines are necessary and which ones are not?

    Combination vaccines and alternatives to vaccination.

        Related article: VACCINATIONS: Good, Bad or just plain Ugly


The Hidden Dangers of Mega VITAMIN C: - 2 pages (2002)

    Ascorbic Acid causes hardening of the arteries

    Synthetic vitamins also cause deficiencies

    Copper and blood vessels

    A sensitive blood test for C-reactive protein to determine heart risk


VITAMIN D Facts You Should Know - 3 pages (2007)

    Summary of Vitamin D Research

    The Role of Vitamin D, Deficiency Symptoms

    What else is affected by Vitamin D

    How much Vitamin D is too much

    Vitamin Ds link to Cancer, Heart Disease and Brain Function      


Is Your VITAMIN E Natural? - 1 page (2002)

    All about tocopherols

    How to tell the difference between Natural and Synthetic vitamin E

    Food sources of vitamin E and Cataplex E2


Chlorophyll and VITAMIN K - 3 pages (2001)


Are your VITAMINS killing you? - 3 pages (2002)

    Thoughts from an Alternative Doctor

    Beyond Vitamins and Antioxidants

    The Synthetic Vitamin Controversy

    Thoughts on Hormone Replacement

    Straight Talk on Antibiotics and Estrogen for Heart Disease

    A Cardiomyopathy Case History

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WAKING in the Middle of the Night - 1 page (2002)

    Ever wonder why you wake up at 3:00 a.m. every night?


Plantar's WARTS: Yield to Cinnamon Oil - 1 page (2007)

    A remedy from yesteryear


WATER: The Misunderstood Nutrient - 3 pages (2005)

    Facts you should know when analyzing your drinking water.

    Filtering Options to Solve the Water Problem


Suffering From Gradual WEIGHT GAIN : 1 page (2001)

    Angel's Story.


WHY ME?:  Why are you sick? - 3 pages (2012)