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Is there a natural way to cure ALLERGIES? - 2 pages (2000)

Is there a connection between Aluminum and ALZHEIMER'S? - 1 page ( 2003)

What Causes ALZHEIMER'S Disease? - 1 page (2003)

Is there a relationship between Tylenol and ASTHMA? - 1 page (2001)

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What is Biological Terrain Analysis? (BTA) - 2 pages (2002)

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Are there any natural solutions for heel CALLUSES? - 1/2 page (2003)

Is there a Simple Cure for COLD SORES? - 1 page (2008)

Can COSMIC Occurrences affect our health? - 3 pages (2006)

What are some holistic CURES for common ailments? - 1 pages (2014)

What is Computerized Regulation Thermography? (CRT) - 1 page (2002)

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Are there any natural DEPRESSION treatments? - 3 page (2005)

Do older adults have different DIETARY needs? - 1 page (2014)

How can I tell if I have a DIGESTION problem?- 1 page (2003)

Are there any natural Pain Remedies for DOGS? - 3 pages (2003)

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Does ENVIRONMENT affect our health? - 3 pages (2002)

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Are there any natural treatments for FIBROMYALGIA? - 1 page (2014)

What are the symptoms of FIBROMYALGIA? - 1 page (2006)

What Can You Do For The FLU? - 2 pages (2000)

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How does our brain cause GUT problems? - 1 page (2012)

Does our GUT impact our sleep patterns? - 1 page (2013)

Can our GUT cause mental problems? - 1 page (2014)

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Can HEADACHES be cured without meds? - 6 pages (2002)

What Causes HEART Disease? - 2 pages (2002)

What are some natural treatments for HEART Disease? - 4 pages (2014)

What is HOMEOPATHY? - 2 pages (2012)

Can H. PYLORI be cured without Antibiotics? - 2 pages (2007, 2012)

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What causes ILLNESS - 1 page (2014)

How can I test myself for an IODINE Deficiency? - 1 page (2005)

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Can LABOR be induced naturally? - 1 page (2004) Pregnancy

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How do I know if I have a MINERAL Deficiency? 

What are the symptoms of MERCURY toxicity? - 1 page (2003)

Can one recover from MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS? - 2 pages (2002)

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What can I do for NAUSEA? - 1 page (2002)

Are NITRATES Bad? - 2 pages (2000)

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Medical ODDS & ENDS - 7 pages (2006, 2013)

    How much water do we need?

    What are the signs of poor carb digestion

    What's the best type of Calcium?

     Are there any natural aids for arthritis pain?

    Are high-heels bad for your health?

    How can I cure my Hiccups ?

    Could Flossing save your life?

    Can antidepressants cause hip fractures in elderly?

    How to neutralize skunk odor?

    How dangerous are blood transfusions for the critically ill?

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Are there alternative treatments for PEYRONIE'S disease? - 3 pages (2013)

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Do SLEEP Patterns affect our health? - 5 pages (2002)

What should I consider before getting the SMALLPOX vaccine? - 2 pages (2003)

Is there a natural alternative to STATIN drugs? - 4 pages (2003) Polycosanol or Polycosinol

Is there a link between SUGAR and aging? - 3 pages (2001)

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Does TIMING have an effect on surgery? - 4 pages (2003)

What can I do for my TMJ?  - 2 pages (2002)

    The ten cent test for TMJ

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Are large doses of VITAMIN C safe? - 2 pages (2002)

Is Your VITAMIN E Natural? - 1 page (2002)

Are your VITAMINS killing you? - 3 pages (2002)

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What does it mean if I WAKE UP at 3:00 a.m. every night? - 1 page (2002)

WHY ME?  Why am I sick when I eat right? - 3 pages (2012)