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Sjogren's Syndrome is a systemic inflammatory disorder characterized by dry mouth, aches and pains, decreased tearing, and other dry mucous membranes. It is often associated with autoimmune rheumatic disorders like connective tissue disease, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. Although the cause of Sjogren's is unknown, it occurs most often in post-menopausal women and is rare in children. Shogren sufferers are at a higher risk for lymphoma.

Sjogren's syndrome seems to be increasing among our seasoned citizens. Unfortunately there is little to no successful medical treatment but, according to Dr. Bruce West of Health Alert, medical treatments themselves may be the cause of many of these cases. He is convinced that prescription drugs are a major cause of this syndrome after witnessing increases in Sjogren's over the past ten years in multiple-prescription users.

The immune system is particularly sensitive to multiple-drug-interaction side effects. When the immune system is damaged, all kinds of problems ensue, including Sjogren's. The problem is, if the disorder stems from drugs, little therapy will help. Indeed it can take up to two years after stopping drugs for the syndrome to wane. Often women with Sjogren's from prescriptions will be prescribed additional drugs to treat the side effect of Sjogren's. According to Dr. West, this only compounds the problem.

He suggests natural methods and recommends a four to six month trial of supplements. None of the products he uses interfere with prescription drug therapy. His protocol is listed below.

Dr. West's Protocol for Sjogren's Syndrome

The core of the therapy is a protomorphogen (tissue extract) of the parotid gland called Parotid at a dose of three to four daily. He also uses Immuplex (2x3 daily) in an attempt to rebalance the immune system. This nutritional complex contains a host of natural nutrients that have been clinically proven to improve immune function.

Finally he tries to normalize calcium and mineral metabolism and joint function using the raw bone constituents and whole vitamin C complex with collagen. The four products needed to do this are Cal-Ma Plus (1x3 daily), Calcifood Wafers (1x3 daily), Organic Minerals (1x3 daily), and Cataplex C (1x3 daily). All products are from Progressive Labs. He has had no success with other products. His results to date run about 65% to 70% with great improvement or elimination of the problem altogether.

During the first month of a four-to-six-month trial you must eliminate all milk, wheat, and gluten products. If at the end of 30 days there is no improvement, you have ruled out these foods as Sjogrens aggravators. Keep track of your symptoms carefully since some of the problems associated with this syndrome can be vague.

During this period, work with your physician to minimize drugs, eat whole foods, drink plenty of pure water (at least six glasses daily), do not eliminate salt, and exercise four times a week if your pain does not preclude this. If you treat this successfully, Dr. West would like to know so he can keep current with his evidence-based research. You can call 831-372-2103 to contact him.


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