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Below are tiny snippets of information that an astute individual might find useful


How Much WATER Do We Need?

Half your body weight in oz (OR) ½ oz for every lb of body weight in 4 oz increments. 

  • The body can't handle more than 4 oz at a time.

  • Too much water flushes out good nutrients.  This can cause mineral deficiencies.

  • No perspiration or too much perspiration could be a sign of mineral deficiency 




BOWELL TRANSIT Time should be 12 to 18 hours. 

  • Soluble Fiber cleanses the blood and moistens stools

  • Insoluble Fiber cleanses the colon




CANCER is a foreign protein

It lodges itself in the body and forms it's own community.  Rather than use the word "cancer" with all it's stigmas, call it what it is - foreign protein - and deal with it accordingly.  The enzyme protease dissolves protein.  It can be instrumental in ridding the body of "foreign protein."




NUTS are hard to digest. 

Raw nuts should be soaked before eating to remove the enzyme inhibitor in the skin which allows them to remain in the shell without germinating until the rains come to dissolve them.  A pinch of salt in the soaking water removes the enzyme inhibitor faster.  Nuts that have not been soaked are extremely difficult to digest.  After soaking, they can be dried in the sun or in a warm (102 degree) oven.  Temperatures over 107 kill the enzymes needed for digestion.



PREDIGESTED PROTEIN is a good amino acid supplement.





Nitroglycerin breaks down into nitric oxide which helps relax blood vessels to improve blood flow. However, to accomplish this it robs the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase from the mitochondria.  This can cause premature aging, impaired healing, and all kinds of additional health problems. Studies indicate that long term use of nitroglycerin is bad for the heart and cardiovascular system. The amino acid arginine safely does the same thing but most doctors would never recommend an amino acid over a prescription. [Alternatives Vol 5, #17] 



EDEMA is a result of too much sodium in the cells, which prohibits the manufacture of ATP, which is critical to power your cells.  (No ATP = Cell death.  Enough cells die = Tissue death.  Tissue death = Organ or body part death.  Organs die = person dies.)  is supported by Iodine. 

To correct Edema bring the sodium/potassium ratio back into balance.  How?  The Gerson Therapy suggests a sodium free diet while eating potassium rich foods and organic juices, while initially supplementing with additional potassium for the first few weeks, along with coffee enemas to help the liver and gallbladder deal with the detoxifying effect of the sodium runoff. 




MSG kills the part of the brain that tells us to stop eating.




The THYROID is supported by Iodine. 

However, iodine moves on digested fat and incubates on digested protein.  So if you can't digest fats or have difficulty digesting protein, your in trouble.  Trace Minerals in the Periodic Table:  Everything in the vertical columns take up the same receptor sites, the top ones taking priority.  They compete with each other for entry into our cells.  Iodine is blocked by Bromine (spas) + Chlorine (water) Fluorine (toothpaste)If none of those are present then iodine can access the cells.


Symptoms of Underactive THYROID: 

  • Thinning hair

  • Missing outer 1/3 of eyebrows

  • Rarely smile

  • May be depressed or suicidal

  • Two parallel horizontal wrinkles in neck (maybe puffy in between)

  • Has a tendency to keep the neck warm (wears scarves or turtlenecks)

  • Cold all the time

  • Concave Chest from being bent forward (hands may have ¼ rotation with palms facing back

  • Dowager's Hump - thickening of back muscles

  • Breast Tenderness

  • Jelly Belly (Adrenal = Hard Belly)

  • Lower belly pouch

  • Constipated

  • Slow reading comprehension

  • Low levels of testosterone or progesterone




Symptoms of weak ADRENALS:

  • Short Fuse

  • Tired all the time

  • Coffee drinker

  • Exhausted but can't sleep


Five Things Needed to Strengthen ADRENALS

  • Mineral Salt (Himalaya or pink salt)

  • Protein

  • B5 (Pantothenic Acid)  (Licorice Root is a good B-Complex)

  • Vitamin C

  • Stress Control





Rhubarb stops internal bleeding.  Fifteen grams of powdered rhubarb a day, in divided doses throughout the day, stopped internal bleeding in 95% of 400 individuals.




Natural Aid for ARTHRITIS Pain

In addition to preventing nausea, researchers at the University of Miami have found that ginger extract can reduce osteoarthritic pain and knee stiffness as well as the leading prescription arthritic drug, Celebrex. The ginger product that was studied is marketed by Eurovita International in Soeborg, Denmark. In a study involving 247 patients with arthritis in the knee, a ginger extract product (Zinaxin) was able to reduce pain by 30% in a two-week period, and by 40% in six weeks. [Arthritis Rheum O1;44(11):2461-2]


The results obtained from the ginger product were comparable to those found in a study where 100 mg and 200 mg of Celebrex (celecoxib) was found to also reduce the pain of osteoarthritis in the knee. [Clin Ther O1;23(2):213-27]


Although you never seem to hear much about it, ginger also has the amazing ability to help suppress the formation and growth of human cancer cells. Most of the research work has been performed in either Korea or Japan, where ginger has been a regular part of the diet for centuries. [Mutat Res 99;428(1-2):49-57, 305-27) (Carcinogenesis 02;23(5):795-802]  




IRON supports the Liver.  B12 is needed to absorb iron (sublingual or injection)




Treatment for BACK PAIN - Discectomy

Discectomy is the term used to describe a brand new surgical procedure that does not require general anesthesia and is done on an outpatient basis to quickly alleviate the pain from herniated discs.  It is a one-time event where the surgeon inserts a needle into the herniated disc and sucks out the portion of the disc that is putting pressure on the nerves.  They keep you under observation in the hospital for two hours following the procedure after which you can gat up and go home without pain.  There is an approximate 6 week recovery time to get completely back to normal but you have pain-free movement when you leave the hospital. 




CHELATED in a lab means that it's bonded with chloride + hard to use in the body




Blood TRANSFUSIONS Increase Death Rate in Critically ill

A significant paper, which may change the transfusion policy in hospitals, discovered that fewer patients died when they were given a restricted amount of transfused blood. Currently hospitals have a liberal policy and blood transfusions are given frequently.


A Canadian trial, known as Transfusion Requirements in Critical Care (TRICC), discovered that the death rate in the liberal transfusion group was 24% compared with 18% in the restrictive group. In the liberal group, 101 patients died, compared with 77 in the restrictive group.


"That means, on average, one life was saved for every 17 patients transfused on the restrictive strategy," said Paul Hebert, the trial's principal investigator. He also said that 52% fewer transfusions were given in the restrictive group, and transfusion was avoided altogether in one-third of those patients. He emphasized the bottom line, "less transfusion is better than more transfusion." [JAMA, 1998; 279: 1596-7]





  • Lack of hydration

  • While Sleeping = Protein deficiency

  • While Exercising = Carbohydrate deficiency

A pinch of Baking Soda under the tongue will stop muscle cramps instantly. 





Calcium Carbonate = pH 12 (must have adequate levels of HCA)  It neutralizes HCA

Calcium Citrate = neutral pH = Ideal (bonded to citric acid)

Calcium Lactate = acid pH 5  (ideal for alkaline people)

Calcium Malate = neutral pH = (bonded to Malic Acid)  Good for fibromyalgia sufferers who have Candida overgrowth or Lupus patients





If you hear a "swishing" noise with each heartbeat or are plagued with mini strokes, your carotid arteries may be narrow due to atherosclerosis.  Carotid artery stenosis usually goes undiagnosed for years until a crisis situation results in diagnosis.  Conventional treatment is either surgery or drugs such as aspirin or anticoagulants to keep the blood thin.  A recent study by Dr. Michael Aviram, Lipid Research Lab at Rambam, found that pomegranate juice decreased the thickness of the arterial walls by 35% in test patients.  It also had the positive side effects of reducing systolic pressure and lowering blood levels of oxidized cholesterol in addition to  producing more antioxidants in the blood.  Tests have also been done to link pomegranate juice with treating/preventing breast and prostate cancer as well as the treatment of diabetes.




ALFALFA is chock full of minerals.  In fact, it's one of the best mineral foods.





There are two main causes of colic.  The main reason is a nutritional deficiency.  The second most prevalent reason is a skeletal problem caused by the birthing process, in which case you may need to see a pediatric chiropractor or osteopath for an adjustment.  Of course, no force is used but unfortunately most pediatricians are clueless when it comes to colic.  Here are some tips.


Never give your baby low-fat milk.  Babies desperately need fat.  In fact, some babies don't feed long enough to get the fatty milk that comes at the end of the nursing.  Instead they only get the sugary lactose-rich thin milk... in effect starving their brains and nervous system.  If this is the case, try nursing one side only per feeding.  This will help the baby get the richest milk that comes at the end.  For more information go to the Weston A. Price Foundation's web site.




HORMONES can't work when insulin levels are high.




Diabetes, Heart Disease and Vitamin D

Low vitamin D levels decrease insulin levels and increase insulin resistance, both of which are associated with diabetes and subsequent cardiovascular problems. (Diabet Med 01;18(10):842-5)  Studies show that daily vitamin D intake under 800 IU is not enough to prevent a vitamin D deficiency. (Eur J Clin Nutr 01;55(12):1091-7)  Although numerous other studies and the epidemiological trends have been supporting these same findings, the US Food and Nutrition board for osteoporoses-related matters still recommends only 200 IU per day for women under the age of 50.  Low vitamin D levels have now been found to be one of the contributing factors to the skyrocketing incidences of diabetes in children. (Lancet 01;358(9292):1500-3)




CHROMIUM helps balance blood sugars best. 




Treatment for Uterine FIBROIDS - Embolization

Uterine fibroid embolization is the term used to describe a brand new procedure used to cause fibroid lumps to shrink.  The process involves an overnight stay in the hospital.  The surgery involves a very small incision through which a small catheter is inserted into the uterus.  Using an x-ray monitor to guide the surgeon, medication is then injected into the blood vessels leading to each fibroid to block the blood flow thus starving the growths.  There is a one month recovery time but most patients are back to work in one to two weeks. 




Could FLOSSING Save Your Life?

A study conducted by Tohuku University included 417 patients in 11 different nursing homes. The patients were randomly selected to either receive oral care after every meal or not. The treated group also received professional cleanings once a week from a dentist of dental hygienist. The researchers found that residents whose teeth were regularly cleaned had half as many cases of pneumonia and were less likely to die from the infection. Residents whose teeth were not given additional dental care were almost twice as likely to get pneumonia and twice as likely to die from the infection.





Individuals following the Montignac Diet fared much better that those following the diet recommended by the American Heart Association. (Br J Nutr 01;86(5):557-68)  So much so that there is now a movement underway to rename the AHA diet... as the American Heart Attack diet.




Simple Cure for HICCUPS

In an open trial of people suffering with the hiccups, 88% of those who sucked or chewed on a lemon wedge soaked in Angostura bitters were cured. Angostura bitters were developed in 1824 by Dr. J. Siegert, who intended it to treat fatigue and stomach ailments. Beyond saying that it contains herbs and spices, the Siegert family has kept the formula for Angostura bitters a most guarded secret. It is now the single most widely distributed bar item in the world and is used in many classic cocktails such as the Pink Gin, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and Rum Punch.




LECITHIN is a good bile substitute





Researchers from Harvard Medical School examined 20 healthy women who felt comfortable wearing shoes with narrow heels at least five centimeters high. They found that high-heeled shoes significantly alter the normal function of the ankle, putting greater pressure on the hip and the knee to maintain stability. Most of the compensation is taken up by the knee joint, which had to cope with an additional 23% torque. [Lancet, 1998; 351: 399-1401]


Although they were unable to prove that there is a connection, the researchers said that wearing high heels may lead to degenerative changes in the knee joint which could, in turn, result in osteoarthritis. This condition is twice as common in women than men and tends to occur in both joints.





  • Zinc, copper, and iron are always competing for space.  If you're high in one then you're low in the others.

  • Dark skinned people need more to produce melanin... also red hair and freckles need more.

  • A copper deficiency will result in breathing problems such as COPD and Asthma, premature gray hair, ballooning blood vessels such as varicose veins and possibly hemorrhoids.

  • Getting copper from copper pipes does not work.  It's the wrong kind.  Metal does not assimilate well.

  • A good mineral analysis should confirm your copper ratio.  ARL Analytical does an inexpensive test.  Contact Angel for more info.




Antidepressants Cause HIP FRACTURES in Elderly

New research has found that all classes of antidepressants greatly increase the risk of hip fracture for the elderly. It was previously thought that one type of antidepressant, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs, were relatively safe for the elderly but new findings suggest these are just as dangerous.


Elderly patients taking SSRIs were 2.4 times more likely to suffer hip fracture compared with those who were not taking the drug. The researchers, from the University of Toronto, also tested two other types of antidepressant --the secondary and tertiary amine tricyclic (TCA) classes-- and found they were almost as bad. Patients taking a secondary amine TCA were 2.2 times more likely to fracture their hip than controls who were not taking any drug, while those given a tertiary amine TCA were 1.5 times more likely to suffer a fracture. The research involved 8,239 patients aged 66 years and over who had been treated in hospital for hip fracture between 1994 and 995 [Lancet, 1998; 351: 1303-07].





The simple herb, ginger, works extremely well for the nausea associated with pregnancy, chemotherapy, radiation, and motion sickness.





Drinking catnip tea (catmint) at the very first sign of poison ivy will prevent it from spreading.  It works even better if you drink it before exposure.  If I am going camping or hiking, I always load up on it the day before to prevent breakouts.  It seems to get into the bloodstream and neutralize the poison but it will not cure an existing bump. Two or three large cups a day, away from meals, usually does the trick.  It will keep refrigerated for about 16 hours in an airtight container.





According to Dr. Bruce West, postpartum depression is almost always due to a nutritional deficiency, usually of the whole B vitamin complex.  He recommends not having any more children until the body has a chance to recuperate, and starting on whole food nutrition, specifically nine Cataplex B from Progressive Labs and a tablespoon of raw flax oil daily.  [Health Alert: June 2002]




How to Neutralize SKUNK ODOR

The primary compound responsible for the skunk smell is trans-2-butene-1-thiol. Tomato juice just doesn't work to neutralize this compound. Fortunately, a lot of research has been done on the skunk's secretion.  The perfume companies have always been fascinated with just how long the odor lasts. The mixture below is slightly alkaline and is reported to work to neutralize the trans-2-butene-1-thiol and other offending compounds in the skunk secretion.


Mix together a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap, 1/4 cup of baking soda, and one quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide.  Lather up dog or human with this mixture, let it sit for a minute or two, and then rinse with lots of water.





The sugar, d-mannose, works extremely well for urinary track and bladder infections. I have used it several times and it always works like a charm.  To learn more chick on the above link and page down to "Simple Sugars for Complex Problems."




New Treatment for VARICOSE VEINS - Ablation

Varicose vein ablation is a brand new procedure requiring only local anesthesia that is used to choke off varicose veins so that no blood can flow through them.  A laser filament is inserted into the vein, then turned on and pulled out slowly causing the varicose vein to completely collapse in domino fashion behind the laser as it leaves.  The vein shrinks and your body automatically reroutes blood around it.  After a brief recovery time you are up and walking the same day.




Hydrogen Peroxide Cure for WARTS

According to Dr. Jonothan V. Wright, an effective cure for warts is to dip a q-tip into food-grade hydrogen peroxide (34%), and press it against the wart until it and the tiny margin of surrounding skin turn white. Repeat this procedure twice a day for up to three weeks and the wart will start to blacken and eventually fall off.


He cautions not to get any extra peroxide on the surrounding skin because it will oxidize and stiffen the top layers. The oxidized skin layers will be replaced by normal skin over time.


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