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My dear mother shared a remedy with me for a plantar's wart on the sole of my foot. I told her about my problem because I was starting to limp when it reached about the size of a quarter. She looked at me in disbelief and said "Don't you know you use oil of cloves for toothaches and oil of cinnamon for warts?"

Well, being about "ready to try anything," I went to my drugstore, where I was lucky. They had one old bottle on a back shelf for $1.98. I went home that evening and, after bathing, covered the wart with the cinnamon oil. The next evening I did the same procedure. After about three days, I carefully removed the top layer of dead tissue with a new sterile single-edge razor blade, then applied the oil of cinnamon again.

I followed this procedure for about two weeks and the plantar's wart was gone. There was no scar and it did not return. The oil must be the natural cinnamon oil, not the artificial kind that is used to scent candles.

Recently, my mailman was limping and shared that he had a plantar's wart on his foot that was driving him crazy. I told him about my mother's remedy and now his wart is gone. He said he had tried every kind of "over-the-counter" application and none of them had worked. I know that my general practitioner would think that I was crazy but I thought maybe this information would be able to help others who suffer. -- Janet D. Chatham, Illinois


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