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Alternative Medicine:
A Comparison

FDA World: 1965-2008
A tiny peek into the mind of the FDA

Can Environment Affect Your Health?

Vaccines: The Whole Truth And Nothing But

What is Your Prescription Medication Doing To You?

Timing Increases Effects of Supplements, Drugs and Surgery

The Brain-Gut Connection

Minerals and Their Function

Check Your Digestion

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The Delaware Conference

The Delaware Conference is focused on holistic online events that spotlight natural cures that work.

We gather nationally known health professionals from around the world to share with you the root causes of illness and to teach you step-by-step the health secrets of how to prevent and reverse disease.

It’s critically important to know all  your options when faced with health challenges.

If you’re serious about unlocking your health and vitality and preventing the eventual “dis-ease” that everyone else seems to suffer from, I urge you to join our mailing list today and spread the word to those you care about so they can join too.

Believe me, you won’t want to miss these online classes. If you can’t make the live seminar, catch it on the replay. You’re going to want to hear every single one of these amazing health secrets. Be sure to watch for our upcoming schedule of events.  

To receive future invitations to these life-changing workshops, simply register at with your full name and email.

Click here to view Past Live Events.

Alternative Medicine Angel ( is proud to sponsor The Delaware Conference FREE webinar, Health Secrets, coming soon.  Details to follow.


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